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Lego Lee Snags Up Actor of the Year at the Milk Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hehehe, the name of this award is so cute but behind it all it is actually quite punk and edgy with lots of fun! The annual Milk Awards, which is organised by the Hong Kong-born magazine Milk was held a few nights ago on the 3rd of July in Taipei and actually went unnoticed by me until today! It’s one of those casual, magazine popularity based awards so it doesn’t hold much meaning but it does mean a lot in terms of artistes being acknowledged by the public for their work. In terms of the work and effort given by the artistes in the past 12 or so months, I do feel that most of the winners were worthy of their win. They have demonstrated why they are popular with the audience and that’s more than enough for them to take home an award. Lego Lee took home Actor of the Year and that was no surprise considering his huge rise in popularity since he starred as the perfect guy in In A Good Way. The biggest winner of the night was Alien Huang who took home the top prize of Mr. Milk and Artiste of the Year while Singaporean twin duo By2 took home Band of the Year. Claire Guo who is currently in the midst of promoting her new album was also in attendance along with fellow musician Ann. Continue reading