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2013 End of Year Drama Review

I cannot believe that the year is coming to an end already! It feels like it was only just the start of 2013! Oh, how time flies! It just makes you look back and appreciate all the goodness that has come out of this year. It comes to the time for an end of year review and I really do appreciate the goodness that dramaland has given this year.

2013 has been one drama year for me (every year is a drama year for me!), though it was definitely much slower than 2012. I was actually quite slack with my drama watching for the first half of the year and only began to intensely drama during the second half of the year. With a heavier school load, I had no choice but to lighten up on my drama watching and this also meant choosing wisely with what I wanted to watch, which didn’t work out quite so well with some drama choices. But I did manage to do a lot of live-watching this year, which is something that I am very proud of. I also managed to watch a 73 ep drama, which is another thing which I am very proud of. I looked back at my 2012 End of Year Drama Review where I said that one of my resolutions for this year was to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas but I don’t think I accomplished that. Anyhoo, I’ll just blame this on school which, really, is just an excuse to make me feel better of not achieving my goal.

There were quite a number of misses rather than hits this year which is quite disappointing but there were also a number of great hits. I didn’t get to see all the dramas that I wanted to see this year but I can always catch-up on it once I find some time in life. However, in generally, I think this year was quite a miss in terms of dramas. The reason why I was quite slack in terms of drama watching for the first half of the year was that there was any dramas that called out for me to watch it and furthermore, I have read reviews which have not been so positive about those dramas. It was during this half of the year that the dramaland picked up its game, especially in the k-drama verse.

I am going to have an even heavier school load next year which means less drama time for me but it won’t stop me from dramaing! Obviously school will be my priority but nothing is going to keep me away from dramas and blogging!

For this review, I am rating all of these dramas together for this year so the ratings will vary to the ratings on my ratings page. The ratings will be out of 5 stars. Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 21

Hasn’t this been a roller coaster of a ride? It started off with two children from broken families who got themselves entangled with each other. Just when they thought that they could lean on each, they are separated by a tragic incident. Not only this, they are brought to face each other again 14 years later only to have everything that happened 14 years ago resurface and be the make or break point for them. Not only this, they also have a money driven father who can do so much more damaging things all in the name of money and a psycho revenge driven guy to deal with. Plus, top of this, there are very complicated family relations!

That above is a complication summary and this interpreted on screen is a complicated mess.  This is purely because there was too much going on at once and everything managed to get themselves intertwined with each other. This is why at times the drama felt as though it wanted to head in two directions, like an unbalanced see-saw. One minute it veered towards one direction and the next it turns towards the other direction. And this isn’t a one or two time thing but rather it happens quite frequently with each ep as well as appearing on the characters, Harry in particular.

I felt as though this ep was extremely subtle compared to the previous 20. It may be the final ep but it should serve as the cooling ep, as in an ep that cools off from the complications. Instead, this ep served as a flashback towards all the things that could have never happened. This ep started off extremely slowed due to the lengthy recap and about half the ep spent with Jung Woo, Yoo Seon and Harry in a conversation that can never come to life. Then the second half was the appropriate ending for everyone. And then finally it ends with a what if should they have met differently 14 years ago.

So everyone has their desired endings so that is a plus because I love happy endings!  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 17

Wow, this was one rocking ep. It never sat balanced once as it was constantly heaved to one or the other side by the ever growing conflicting complication. Everything dates back to 14 years ago and as the mysteries from 14 years ago are being revealed, it also reveals the true colours of who our characters are. For Jung Woo, Soo Yeon and Harry, they are each being faced with an inevitable complication concerning their relationship that they each must bypass to reach a conclusion towards their relationship.

This ep wasn’t much of that as to show the aftermath of what happened 14 year ago than it is to show where each of our characters have found themselves landing. It was clear from the start that Jung Woo and Soo Yeon are going to be together but it was interesting to see how they worked their relationship regardless all that has happen 14 years ago as well as during the 14 years that separated them as north and south. As for Harry, it is not the past 14 years of his life that I am concerned about but rather how he will break after Soo Yeon leaves him and his mummy issue.

What this ep also brings about is a huge change for each of the characters. There were changes present in the other eps but this ep brings out a huge and substantial change for each of our characters. In the previous eps, the changes were gradual and to this ep it is gradual too, but then it explodes and suddenly changes our characters in a different direction.  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 13

Okay, so now things are taking a big shift and frankly, this has been occurring quite frequently throughout the drama but this change, most predominantly found on Jung Woo, is easily the most identifiable one. It was abrupt and really takes you back. While watching the previous eps, it makes you question where this drama is trying to head because sometimes it heads west and suddenly it switches to head east. Well, in all, it doesn’t appear that the drama is having this problem but Jung Woo. It’s like he can’t make up his mind and the magnets are dragging him in two directions.

This ep is finally the one where we get to see where exactly our characters want to head – Harry has his revenge plan up and running; Jung Woo realises that he has to protect what he once lost and Soo Yeon is sorting out her feelings as well as trying to figure out who she is. Each of these characters are different and have their different purpose but each of them are being dragged in two directions. If you know these characters well enough, you can definitely see that there is a distinct side to both of them. Continue reading

2012 End of Year Drama Review

This year I opened myself to different dramas as well as different genres of dramas. There were some ups and some downs and there were some surprises. I haven’t seen as much k-dramas, c-dramas and tw-dramas as I would have liked so my new years resolution for next year is to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas. As I do not watch k-dramas, c-dramas, dormas/j-dramas and tw-dramas as often as I watch hk-dramas, I tend to be picky with what I watch and usually I would pick up dramas that I find interesting or  appealing to my tastes.

This year I managed to watch some dramas that were really up there as well as a few that fell below the radar. I found myself jumping back into the c-drama bandwagon after a long overdue hiatus and for those that I watched, I found it bombarded with tw-actors/actresses which is probably why I am drawn to them in the first place. Ahahahas! This year, I ventured out into doramas for the first time (yay!) and I was ever so glad I did because this drama literally blew me away and makes me ready to jump into doramas. With hk-dramas, there were a few that I loved but there was only which I loved everything from top to bottom and in between. Even until today I am still swooning over it. I was quite picky with my k-dramas so all in all, I was satisfied with what I watched, though this year with what I watched I find it in high standards of all sorts. Lastly, with tw-dramas, nothing really blew my socks off and I wasn’t overly excited for any one drama so this year for me, I wasn’t too happy with the offerings of tw-dramas when compared to last year’s share. Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 10

This ep marks the half way point our Missing You dramaing time and there are still a lot of complications that are yet to arise which means that everything will happen in the next 10 eps. This means that things will be either quite rush or it will somehow work its way steadily with the story with the complications and resolutions all working in sync. I am hoping that it is the latter.

This ep managed to stretch both of our leads in directions that they probably never saw coming. They were taken to face something that they know will immensely affect their life. For once in these six eps since adult Jung Woo appeared, he is no longer clinging onto Soo Yeon and trying desperately to reel her back into his life, to be the girlfriend that he never had. As for Soo Yeon, she is brought to face her mother as consequently, the years and the life that she tried so hard to leave behind. As well as this, she is brought to face another vulnerable side of her that she has kept hidden ever since her father was named as a murderer.

As for Harry, I am just more than ready to actually see him put his revenge plan to action. And because it is Seung Ho, I couldn’t care less of his character is doing. I just enjoy watching him on screen and always being there for Soo Yeon. Plus, he is just too cute for my radar!  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 8

Now this is where things get interesting, a whole lot more interesting.We finally what is to come after a very long wait and the disjointed build up eps should make a bit more sense now. The teenagers and the introduction of the adults were just the starting point, they gave us an insight to the background to this complex of relationships and built upon each of these character’s personalities. But we never had any idea what was going to head on and now we finally see what is coming ahead of us. So the pieces of the puzzle is falling together and all that we have to do is wait until the very end when all of the pieces come together and complete our puzzle (and shed some more tears along the way). Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 5



Now this is the ep that I had been waiting for. I waited over four eps for this one to come and I am ever glad it did. The more that I watched the teenagers, the more that I felt that it was dragging on and on and this made me lose faith that the adults were ever going to appear. Then I regained all of my previously lost hope when I saw the appearance of adult Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun). Yay! Now this is what I am looking forward to watch, not that I did not enjoy the teenagers’ scenes because I loved it. Actually, I would have been content to just have the teenagers lead the entire drama but then the appearance of adult Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) quickly reversed my way of thinking. Seriously, how can you not melt just seeing him?

This ep was slow-paced and there wasn’t much that you would not expect to see. Then again, what would you expect? It was an ending to the teenagers’ lives as well as being the introduction to the adults’ lives. The real beginning is going to start after this ep where everything has settled and found their place.  Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You Episode 3



Woahh, if this ep is anything to go by, it is astounding in terms of the emotions expressed when compared to the initial two eps. It was packed full of emotions from the very start to the very end. What happened is terrible but this ep came with solid and hard emotions that were all brilliantly executedThe young OTP is put through a turmoil of events and which are only downs. . Our young OTP soon realise that they have more than just a friendly feeling for each other. With barely enough time to admit their feelings to each other, they are put to test there feelings. Now they are more than ever more reliant on each other, and with this comes great responsibility.

Continue reading

My Opinion On Missing You: First Impressions




I felt like watching a k-melodrama (btw, this is my first one) and I was debating between Nice Guy and Missing You and in the end missing won out because my heart told me to watch it. Now I wonder if maybe I should have watched NG instead. While watching the first two eps I felt that it was quite underwhelming and disjointed. There were many pieces that didn’t make any sense and did not fall together but then I realised that this drama isn’t something that you can find yourself jumping into and expect to understand the story, I was one of those people who jumped in hoping the story would be clear cut and easy to comprehend. I soon realised that it was anything but that and that you have to be patient and wait for the pieces to slowly fall together to paint the picture.

This is a melodrama that is sure going to make people teary or if it is not tears it is sympathy or pity, that is once you understand what the story is about. Just look at the promotional posters and that says it all. You have to take the time to connect the bits and pieces together to make out what is going on and how they all connect to one another or else no matter how much you want to make sense of it, it is not going to happen. So far, Yeo Jin Goo as the younger version of Han Jung Woo and Kim So Hyun as the younger of version of Lee Soo Yeon are just amazing! They really know have to create a melodramatic atmosphere. They really can create a fire, can’t they? I am looking forward to present day and seeing how the adults stack up to their younger counterparts. I am just hoping that it will come soon. I am all for heading back in time but this drama is about the grown-ups, isn’t it?  Continue reading