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A Time of Love (Korea) Overview

It is me or that the themes of each of these eps quite mismatched? Well, it’s certainly not constant that’s for sure. Last week’s ep was metropolis in Singapore while this ep is happiness in Korea. The happiness came in the end with some pain in between. Last week’s ep could be described as metropolis but I think that it would suit better if these two eps have a swap in theme. It’s something minor but I had to point it out!

Now, getting onto the ep itself, this was another satisfying story but it just felt like it was nearly there but not there. Teasers and trailers can be so misleading at times. I thought the Singapore ep wasn’t going to be as good as I anticipated but it was actually much better while it was vice versa for this story. I enjoyed it but it was came about as a story without much context rather than one that had a force driving for the feelings that came about. These recent two stories just felt like love was thrown in their for no apparent reason because that was literally what happen. It just suddenly just came rushing in at the end but it wasn’t something unexpected. I just wished that there were more obvious hints prior to it so that it would feel more realistic.

This ep overcame the communication barriers with a plausible explanation and I liked that this explanation came about because I need that information in front of me in order for me to actually accept it as it is. King (Yeon Jung Hoon) understands Cantonese but cannot speaking while Linda (Linda Chung) understands Korean but does not speak it and hires King to teach her how to speak Korean. I liked that we got to hear some English from both actors as well as them throwing in phrases from each other’s native language. That was actually quite cute.  Continue reading

A Time of Love (Singapore) Overview

The ep was actually much better than what the trailer showed. The trailer was distraught, disjointed and misleading something that this ep was not. This was a story that I really enjoyed. It threw in humorous and filled with delight, something that really helped to gel this story together. While the “love” wasn’t pronounced here until near the end, that was okay for me. In fact, I actually preferred it it if this story was told without the love aspect. It was long enough for that love develop. It would have worked better should it had been introduced earlier in the story but it occurred way too late for any significant love to show. I felt where it was leading to but it didn’t have the development for it to grow. It was slight a problem with the writing but that aside this was a really good, light-hearted story.

Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma had really good chemistry with each other and this was something that really helped the story to pop. It gave the story life and colour. This was actually their first time working together and they delivered, not that I had any doubts about it. They definitely rendered the story into something much more meaningful than what it looks on paper. I am open to seeing more of their collaborations in the future. It was fun to see both Charamine and Kenneth play some light-hearted characters. Kenneth was such a cutie here! He always plays his characters really well and it was no exception here. (: Continue reading

A Time of Love (Malaysia) Overview

Dubbing is not involved here, something which I am very happy about. The leads speak their native language with subs to lead us through the dialogue. Obviously this would not be the way couples communicate in RL but I’m just going to overlook that because it is better than having the voices dubbed. It was a bonus hearing some Cantonese dialogue from the two guys even if it was two words utterances. I would have preferred it if Kate Tsui delivered her lines in Mandarin rather than in Cantonese but this is a Hong Kong production so it has to fit the HK audience. 

For a short movie, this did quite a good job in telling a succinct and compelling story. It doesn’t have anything near the force of a drama or a theatre movie but that was a given since it was filmed quite quickly and the story did not have much to work with. I actually liked that it was a tight story as it gave our leads something that does not require them to really have that time to develop their feelings. Despite that, I found that the leads had some reasonably solid chemistry. I like what they were able to give in such limited time. I wouldn’t say that they were anywhere near complementing each other but they worked well together to deliver wonderful and compelling scenes. They were each able to allow their acting capabilities to shine through despite their communication barriers and that is something I really appreciate. Well, to say a communication barrier is quite an exaggeration but nonetheless, there is some communication barriers since the two guys don’t speak Cantonese while Kate had to speak her part in Cantonese.

This was a nice love story that supported the sorrow theme and held onto a swift development. It was sorrow that not all the leads got a happy ending but it delivered one that was satisfactory to my tastes. At least in hindsight, they will each be able to live a happy life. Moving on is the best medicine to finding happiness.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 26-30 Overview

Not the most pleasing five eps. Considering that it is the ending, I had high expectations for these five eps but sadly, it only disappointed me. I am sad to learn that it dropped quite a lot from last week. During last week’s five eps, there was development but these five eps is all very muddled up and out of place. I really wanted something big from this ending but it felt like I was reliving Lives of Omission all over again. These two series end in a very familiar way that it almost appears that this one is a copy.

These last 5-10 eps took a totally different path than the beginning of the drama. It is not only until the pointy end of the drama that most of the actions take place and well, you can only like it or not like it. I, for one, do not like it. It was such a drastic change that it is like a different drama, no, no, no, I mean it is like Lives of Omission. The start of the drama was unique but now it appears to be more of a copy and the ending just proves so otherwise. Arrrghhhh, frustration!  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 21-25 Overview

Not quite a 180 degrees turn in the right direction but with each episode, it continues to build up except the last ep left me quite dreary. Now things are really moving on the right track and are sticking together. It’s like a puzzle where you can stick the pieces together! I am just glad that Ka Bik has switched to the “dark side” because this was what I was most looking forward to. This is really going to bring a new level to the drama. Though I do wonder how it is all going to play out with the rest of the story development.

I was actually surprised with the smoothness of Ka Bik’s transition from a drug addict to a drug “queen”. Although it happened in a short 5 eps, it felt like it was meant to be and meant to occur. It was fast but yet it worked so well. Ahahahahas, though I am pleasantly surprised how Ka Bik gets involved with all these druggie leaders time and time again. LOOOOL!  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 16-20 Overview

What happened!? Where did all the cliffhangers and hype go? These five eps just lost whatever hype there was from the previous five eps. I expected some fall from the previous week but I did not expected it to go all pear-shaped. It was just very messy and the plot appeared to be be confused itself. The lack of direction just resulted in a messed up plot. It lacked connection to both the audience an as well as within the drama itself and the references to previous cases just lacked emphasis. Then there was the corrupt officer issue where they tried to drag in again which felt misplaced. The crisis that allowed our characters to develop upon that was present in the previous five eps are not here.

Now, these five eps have taken a 180 degrees turn in the wrong direction. I guess the only thing that is worthy of applause is the acting skills presented by each of our characters.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 11-15 Overview

This is where the love triangle/rectangle evolves Ka Bik and Sai Lok finally get closer with each other and show their feelings. Yep, the relationships are finally heading off! It is also where the corrupt officer issue seems to dilute through eps 13-15. These five eps felt like it was cut in half, literally. The first two eps are based solely on the corrupt officer issue and the last three eps are based on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s evolving love complication, which frankly is not enough time for their development. There are crisis and crisis on top of one another that may appear quite packed but it is to develop the drama and get ready for the next phase where the drama will take a huge spin on its head taking a huge 180 degrees leap.

This marks the halfway point of the drama and yet there is still a lot to pack in the next 15 eps. I really wonder how, when and why Ka Bik will become a druggie queen. From where it is standing right now, it is very very very far from even coming close. It will have a lot to squeeze in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 6-10 Overview

Yeeeps, these following five eps are what proves to be heating up, especially ep 6. After the solid first week, this week proves that it can handle the pressure. These five eps really start to build on Ka Bik and Sai Lok’s relationship as well the strain between Sai Lok and Gordon. Each ep continues to build on suspense and ep 10 will really leave you curious and eager to know what is going to happen next. It really shows how well written this plot is to even continue to include Ka Bik presence despite her conclusion as an informat.  Continue reading

Highs and Lows Episodes 1-5 Overview

Following Tiger Cubs, I would expect this one to go gang-busters and it actually is. The action may not be as intense as Tiger Cubs but that’s okay because the police team here is not the Special Duties Unit. Ahahaha, what is not to love about a drama that has Raymond Lam in it?

There is action and it’s just enticing to watch. (: Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 13 Overview

I would say this is a stellar ep. What a brilliant ep. This and ep 1 have got to be my favourite eps. Just amazing. If you want action, this ep has totally lived up to it. You want friendship and rage? This ep has got that all ticked. I love this ep but there was just one heart breaking moment… Again, praises to Kenneth Ma for putting on such a brilliant character. This is what an ending should be, one that leaves you wanting more and one that leaves you in awe. It’s an opened ending so who knows?

This has been a brilliant drama! I would love for more dramas in this type of style. (: Continue reading