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Ring Ring Bell Episode 6 Recap

Xiao Xiang’s family and Zhi Zhi are having a meeting about Xiao Xiang’s issue. (Clearly, this meeting was held in the afternoon)

Xiao Xiang sees Duo Duo and being the heroine mother she is, she rushes out to save Duo Duo. She didn’t really need to though because the car stop just in time. Duo Duo tells her mother that she hates her because she had her pictures taken and is all over the news. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 5 Recap

Xiao Xiang is hiding behind the couch when her phone suddenly rings. (Uh-oh!) Jia Kai goes searching the couch for the ringing when when the housekeeper arrives to search for her missing phone. The housekeeper tells Jia Kai that she will do a better job. Jia Kai leaves to have his shower and Xiao Xiang make her another lucky escape yet. (I can’t believe she doesn’t recognise Jia Kai’s voice! Hmm…) Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Xiang laughs the situation off by asking him if he thinks that that is what the girl from the lift would say. (Arghhhhh, just admit it. You are the girl!) She tells him that he will probably won’t recognise  her since it’s been 8 years and she would have changed. He agrees and says that she’s probably right he hadn’t really thought much about her since he started talking to Xiao Xiang about this. Just as Jia Kai is about to leave, Xiao Xiang ran up to Jia Kai to give him a hug and says that that is probably what “the girl” would do. He thanks her for the hug. After Jia Kai leaves, she thanks him for giving her the courage and strength to live on. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 3 Recap

Duo Duo is crying as she is climbing up the ladder. As she is about to take another step, her hand slips and she falls. Xiao Xiang finally got in contact with Miss Bean Sprout Teacher and she is informed that Duo Duo is missing.

Xiao Xiang is waving frantically for a taxi. She spots Jia Kai and jumps into his car. Jai Kai is confused with what is going on. She tells him to take her to the kindergarten/preschool. He asks why and discovers that Duo Duo is missing. He rushes to them to the kindergarten/preschool. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Xiang returns home to her family with Duo Duo. She tells them that she ended up not changing her name. Her mother then asks what happened yesterday when she went to  find Ke Jie. Xiao Xiang refuses to talk about it so they ask Duo Duo instead. Duo Duo tells them what happened yesterday and about the lady in Ke Jie’s hotel room. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 1 Recap

I started on Ring Ring Bell some time ago but I decided to do the recap now. I took interest in this drama after I saw Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness and now in Ring Ring Love.

It starts off in the year 2003 where a young lady has just turned 20. Unfortunately, it is also the year of the CIV pandemic where wearing face masks is the being of a new trend.


The young lady goes on a lift and a young gentleman comes rushing to the lift when the young lady opens the door for him. Suddenly the lift stops working. The young lady is so scared but luckily the young gentleman is there to help get rid of her nerves. Continue reading