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Ring Ring Bell Episode 15 Recap

The last episode for Ring Ring Bell. I am sad to see it go but in a way I am relieved to see it go.

Xiao Xiang cries because she cannot reach Jia Kai, probably thinking that he is either ignoring her or ignoring her.


Xiao Xiang goes to the tug-of-war training ground but she doesn’t find any of the members there. She searches frantically but she still can’t find them. She calls Jia Kai and Jia Kai asks her if she is calling to apologise. She tells him that she isn’t rather it is the tug-of-war team who have gone missing. They split up to search of the tug-of-war team. Jia Kai finds them and asks them why they are slacking off. The tug-of-war team tell him that they can’t do it any more. They secretly sneaked into their competitor’s training ground to see what they could do. After they saw what the other team could do, they immediately gave up because they knew that they couldn’t win against them. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 14 Recap


After hearing the news, Xiao Xiang immediately rush over to the Dean’s house worrying for his safety. She finds him not home and more worry grows within her. Meanwhile, the Dean is bring beaten up by some men. After beaten the Dean up, the men leave him there.


Tian Xin is upset and crying to Jia Kai. She asks him why he is doing that to the Dean. He tells her that it is all his doings. But still, the Dean is their father after all right? She tells him that he is cruel, really cruel and is exactly the same as the Dean. They both do not care about their relatives. She also tells him that what he did to the Dean was no different to what the Dean did to their mother. She cries as she tells him that she hates her father but in the end she doesn’t want to lose him. Just then, Xiao Xiang arrives and tells them that the Dean is in danger. However, Jia Kai tells her not to talk about it any more. He leaves running off. Xiao Xiang tells Tian Xin that the Dean has gotten himself into some trouble. She tells her that she has been to his house but he is not at home. She informs Tian Xin that if the Dean doesn’t come home tomorrow, they will have to make a report to the police. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Synopsis

This drama is about a girl called Zheng Xiao Xiang (Janine Chang) who meets an American born Chinese photographer called Ren Jia Kai (Peter Ho) while she was in quarantine in 2003. It was love at first sight for them but they didn’t get to be together. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 13 Recap

Xiao Xiang’s brother and sister-in-law originally wanted to give Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai a holiday voucher for their honeymoon but since they didn’t get married, they tell Xiao Xiang to go with Ke Jie instead. They also show Xiao Xiang a video from Zheng Ma. After watching the video, she decides to go on vacation with Ke Jie. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 12 Recap

What more can happen after the unsuccessful wedding? Poor poor Xiao Xiang!.

It turns out that Jai Kai has been listening to the meeting all along. Xiao Xiang leaves with the cheque. Jia Kai says to his father, “Are you happy now? You proved once again that a person’s heart can be bought over. As your son, with your blood running within me do you only want me to learn about despicable and cold-heartedness from you?” before running after Xiao Xiang. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 11 Recap


It’s the wedding. Ke Jie has arrived with Ming Xin. He goes to have a talk with Xiao Xiang. She thanks him for having once been with her for so long. Ke Jie gives her his blessing. Jia Kai sees Kelly and tells her that he hopes that they can become true friends one day. The responds with we will. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 10 Recap


Jia Kai and Xiao Xiang have some lovey dovey moments to themselves. Jia Kai informs his company that he won’t be going to work for the following two weeks. The tug-of-war team are informed that Xiao Xiang and Jia Kai are getting married. They send the couple a congratulatory video message. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 9 Recap

Jia Kai apologises to Zheng Ma for not bring back Xiao Xiang safely. Zheng Ma tells that Xiao Xiang is strong and will survive. Xiao Xiang has lost a lot of blood. However, the A blood in the blood bank is not enough. Luckily Jia Kai has the same blood type so he goes and donates. Zheng Ma prays to Xiao Xiang father to protect Xiao Xiang. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 8 Recap

The female employee who the meanest to Xiao Xiang feels guilty for what she did. Luckily Xiao Xiang is a very forgiving person and she forgives her. Jai Kai asks Xiao Xiang where she got the apples and she replies that she found them in the fridge. This scares all of the employees. Jai Kai said that it was okay to use because a client gave it. Everyone eats with relief. Continue reading

Ring Ring Bell Episode 7 Recap

Oh mo! Now that they have started dating, I can hardly wait to see how it progresses. So let see…

Jia Kai introduces Xiao Xiang to work. He calls his colleagues in for a meeting while leaving Xiao Xiang wondering aimlessly with what to do. She goes in the meeting but Jia Kai shoos her away. His colleagues take to MSN to bad mouth Xiao Xiang. Xiao Xiang eventually finds herself a desk. Continue reading