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2014 End of Year Drama Review

2014 End of Year Drama ReviewPhew! Made it on time!

End of year drama reviews are a great way to look back on the year of dramas that was but it is such a pain to write, consisting my me racking my brain remembering the drama and finding the write words to express myself. Writing is no easy task but I write and continue to write because I enjoy doing so. It’s a tedious and meticulous task but it’s a worthwhile one that I have come to appreciate from other bloggers alike. It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year as we head for the festive season as well as look forward to a new drama year. I can’t believe Christmas is just nearing the corner! There were some great dramas this year and that in it of itself is a great Christmas present!

This year was a very busy and time-consuming one for me, with most of my time spent on studying and dramaing being pushed to the backseat. As such, I have been more selective in the dramas that I saw this year. Most of the dramas that I saw this year came from marathoning earlier this month when I finally had a break from studying and it feels really good to be able to just sit and drama and drama and drama without having any worries! Although I only managed to see a few dramas, I did hear a lot of talk about this year’s dramas so I wasn’t entirely kept out of the loop. There were some good, some bad and some which were just plain horrible. But I enjoyed most of the dramas that I picked to watch and that makes me happy because there is nothing more satisfying than to be able to engross yourself in a drama that it is a hit from start to finish. Continue reading

My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier Episode 2

I’ve learnt not to hold my hopes up too high for any drama even if the first ep provides a good, solid base. The second ep tends to drop from the first ep and this was exactly the case here. Ep 1 scored 14.4% in ratings while this ep drop slightly taking in 12.7% of the ratings. It is very rare that will you find a drama that progresses naturally at a perfect pace. Most dramas either move too fast or move too slow, and so far this drama is lingering towards the latter. Ep 1 provided an amazing staging to lead the drama onwards and while this ep carried it on well, it walked very slowly and this in turn made whatever developments the ep had feel quite lacking. I kept wanting to push the drama to walk faster to actually include some significant development but right until the last minute, it kept going at that very slow pace. It’s still early stages so hopefully the drama will be able to pick up its pace with the eps that is come.  Continue reading

My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier: First Impressions

Shitsuren Chocolatier has set itself up in a winning state so hopefully it won’t collapse half-way. I really enjoyed this first ep. It laid out a very solid foundation for the path that it is going to head on and it has all the ingredients for this win. (How can it not be a win with those delicious eye candy chocolates to look at!?) This first ep didn’t catch me by surprise and neither did it make me want to fall for it, but rather, as the cute fuzzball that it is, it left me with lots of cuteness and surprises that is waiting to unveil itself. It was cute and I enjoyed everything that came out of it. Given that this is a live-action, the plot is not unexpected, but I see that the drama has a lot in store to make itself stand-out from being a live-action and that is something I can’t wait to see.  Continue reading

Shitsuren Chocolatier Releases First Teaser

I’m slowly venturing out towards j-doramas and Shitsuren Chocolatier is one that has caught my eyes. My first j-doramas and probably one of my all-time favourite j-doramas is Rich Man, Poor Woman. Interestingly, the leading lady here, Ishihara Satomi was also the leading lady in RMPW. She had great chemistry with Oguri Shun in RMPW, but I am sure she will have some great chemistry with her leading man here, Matsumoto Jun since they shared some really good chemistry in the Lucky Seven SP. From what I have seen, both are great actors and with some great chemistry together. Together with a solid storyline, I am expecting this drama to be warm to my heart. Due to my limited exposure to the j-dorama world, I have no idea who the second leads Mizukawa AsamiMizuhara Kiko or Mizobata Junpei but hopefully I will be able to fall for them!

Shitsuren Chocolatier is actually a manga adaptation of the same name but I tend to have this thing against manga adaptations because they either turn out to be a good adaptation or a bad adaptation, it is usually the latter than it is the former. However, considering I am basing my opinions on Taiwanese drama manga adaptations, I am not one to judge. Hopefully Japanese dramas are able to do a much better job at drama adaptations or else I will be losing faith in watching these types of dramas. Continue reading