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Show Luo Crushes Hearts as He is No Longer Single

1This confirmation is sure going to crush hearts because it crushed mines. Taiwanese singer-actor-emcee Show Luo is off the markets. I haven’t always liked Show. I first got to know Show as an actor when I saw him with Rainie Yang in the drama Hi, My Sweetheart. I then discovered him as a singer but it wasn’t until the past few years when I really got know him and his music style that I came to really like him. But today he broke my heart with news reporting that he is taken, and that lucky girl is internet celebrity Grace Chow who frequently gets compared to Angelababy, even referring to her as “Little Angelababy”. Continue reading

Show Luo’s Back in the Acting Realm with Shen Zhen

Shen Zhen

Show Luo is a pretty famous icon in the Taiwanese entertainment industries and arguably one of the most successful entertainers of Taiwan this past century. Not only can he sing and dance but has also made a name in hosting and acting. I really enjoy Show as a singer and he has slowly improved with his acting. It’s been quite a while since his last acting gig with his prolific pairing with Rainie Yang in Hi, My Sweetheart. That drama earned won Rainie the Best Leading Actress in a Television Series at the annual Golden Bell Award and while it did not garner Show any awards, it did provide a great platform for him to up his acting skills. Having seen some of his micro-films and recent MVs, I can definitely see that his emotional acting and acting in general have improved lots. Continue reading

Music Downloads: Show Luo’s Lion Roar

Show Luo just never fails to impress me music-wise! (He’s acting skills are on a very different level). He is one of my all-time favourite singers. I can never get bored of listening to his songs! Show has consecutively released an album each year and this year on 08 November, he dropped his tenth Mandarin album Lion Roar. This album isn’t all that different to his previous album; there is still the name Show imprinted everywhere on it but it just feels edgier compared to his previous works. It just has more of that fierce sound to it, though his ballads retains that softness that I have come to know.

The theme of the album is inspired by his astrological symbol, Leo. The fashion for the album were Continue reading