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SOP Queen Episode 25 Recap

Naaawws, poor Tang Jun and Xiao Jie. Tang Jun is trying to keep his distance from her while she has decided that she wants him by her side. Clearly, these two have the worst timing ever! Why is everyone so unhappy?

Zi Qi is trying to enjoy his date for the sake of his paparazzi stalkers. Zi Qi and his date are in his car watching over the Taipei scenery in the exact situation when he was with Ji Qing which makes him recall his time with Ji Qing. He then goes to kiss his date but pulls back when he discovers the paparazzi.


The next day Tian Tian shows his boss a news article about how Zi Qi secretly dismisses and replaces Ji Qing. He hardly even takes a look at it and asks Tian Tian if he has prepared the contract for Ji Qing to sign yet. He says that her decision not to sign yesterday was correct but today they will wait and see who is the correct party here. He also tells Tian Tian to call Ji Qing now when she has woken up and is reading the newspaper while eating her breakfast.  Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 24 Recap

Yay! Another kiss! Ahahahaha, Xiao Jie is just giving free kisses to Tang Jun! But I have to admit, other than the kiss there wasn’t much chemistry there this ep. 😦 There was too much of a focus on the board member Zeng’s work.

Xiao Jie goes around asking other companies if they sent her the delivery with no such luck.

Suo Li hands Tang Mi the report and tells her that other than the brand ‘Ray’ that board member Zeng recommended without information, she recognises the other brands. Tang Jun then comes to ask her if she has any leads. Tang Mi tells her that Xiao Jie must be very important to him. He tells her that Xiao Jie isn’t just important to him but to her and the company. From the company’s point-of-view, aren’t those people who have ability valuable to the company? How can a unfathomable delivery just appear and make them lose a valuable manager? She tells him it is not only him who is in a rush for this to be solved, she is too. She explains that all of the board members received the blackmail too. He tells her he doesn’t care; no one can fire Xiao Jie because other than here she has no where else to go. She tells him that she doesn’t want to fire Xiao Jie either but to get to the bottom of this they must find out the reason why the blackmailer keeps on targeting Xiao Jie. If Xiao Jie can not pass through the blackmail crisis then she will never be able to exist in the department store world. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 23 Recap

Yay, yay, yay! More Tang Jun-Xiao Jie spark! This time there really is! Now they are back on line! How cute are they? Ahahaha, now this is where I think the office politics really is working into their relationship. (:


Xiao Jie holds a meeting to solve the SSP Week problem. Tang Jun suggests that they look at this from another different point-of-view. Since they have no idea to regulate the price and amount to provide for their needed products, they could postpone the time to release their products while also allowing their customers to satisfy their order. Suo Li compares this to online auction. Yep, Tang Jun tells her this is called ‘advanced order’. So in a similar fashion, the insufficient stock is their disadvantage and what they have to do is change it to become their advantage. On the surface, it is a pre-order for the next half a year of skin care products but really it is a unhurried process. Zeng Fan mentions that first order and then receive product will allow customers to receive the special anniversary service. Furthermore, this is the newest skin care product so they will certainly be satisfied. Xiao Jie likes this and decides to target their SSP and WIP customers to snatch over the pyramid group. This way, it will be profitable the company. However, one thing bad about the pyramid group is that will blindly go and chase after the trendiest and current brands so their homes will have some boutique and single branded products. Zeng Fan says that since they have money to sweep products, then why don’t they invite some designers for a collocation? Xiao Jie says that they can provide the SSP clients the SSP service such as inviting some hair dressers and modelling designers to help them choose the right skin care products for them. They could even provide them with site service events. So work is under way for this new project. Xiao Jie directs every one their jobs and and this project to Tang Jun with the team leader to especially help him.  Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 22 Recap

The Tang Jun-Xiao Jie chemistry is back! Or well, the tang Jun chemistry to Xiao Jie. Ahahahahaha, I am so glad to see him happy and smiling again. Even his voice sounds more happy! Ahahahaha, how cute is he!? Yay, Xiao Jie gives Tang Jun a voluntary kiss. (:

The board members have a meeting about the company’s current problem. Tang Mi assures them that she has already found a solution to this. The board members give her three days to solve this or else the entire planning team will be fired. Tang Mi accepts this and would even give out her CEO position if she can not solve this problem.

Tang Mi is frustrated, with just three days to solve this will she be able to fix this problem? She tells Xiao Jie to contact all stores and use the original price to purchase all of their make-up products to replace their missing products. Xiao Jie tells her that this would mean that they pay for all they sell making no profits. Tang Mi tells her that the company’s reputation is worth much more than that. Golden Imperial Sea is her mother’s baby and she will definitely not give up her CEO position. Tang Mi says that she will take responsibility for any financial loss, she will not allow Golden Imperial Sea to lose even a dollar! She makes Xiao Jie promise that she won’t tell anyone, especially Chu Chu. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 21 Recap

Where is the love!? Where? Where are the Tang Jun-Xiao Jie interactions? I am starting to dislike all the office politics now. I want some reactions from Xiao Jie and Tang Jun! I want to see them all cutesy with each other!

Xiao Jie sees Chu Chu embracing him in a hug that he cannot embrace back. He tells Chu Chu that he will see her when he has time and leaves, leaving her heartbroken.


Tang Jun goes to eat with his mother. He finally realises how much he wants to hear her nag about him during dinner. He tells her he wants her to wake up and that’s what happens – she wakes. She wants to eat so Tang Jun sweetly feeds his mother some soup. She tells him he must have received a lot of grievances recently. He apologises, telling her that he resigned and asks her if she is disappointed. She asks him if he regrets leaving with his team mates. He clearly tells her that he doesn’t. He was once a person without responsibility and wanted to leave the company to his mother and sister but now he understands what responsibility is so he will take responsibility for them. His mother reassures him that  they will understand him but what she hopes is that he won’t lose his confidence because of this. He agrees. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 20 Recap

Always, always, always, Tang Jun are always that close yet that far from each other. So close, oh so close. Ahahahas, I miss their interactions!


Xiao Jie is by one side of the sea drinking beer while Tang Jun is on the other. So close, yet so far. He recalls when he was with Xiao Jie by the sea drinking beer together while Xiao Jie thinks about Jia Yi’s word about how happy Tang Jun will be so happy to see her. So she texts him wishing him all the best and how she looks forward to his performance tomorrow. He immediately brightens up with her text. He replies by sending a picture of the sea side. She matches the picture up and goes to find him. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 19 Recap

Naaaws, Tang Jun and Xiao Jie still both care about each other but can they are only pushing their feelings away. I am missing their cute interactions so much! This episode has definitely dropped from the previous episodes. There is more office politics which takes away from the happiness and liveliness of the previous episodes. Though I am glad that Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are able to interact professional, ahahaahhas. I do miss their interactions though.

Chu Chu comes and is worried to find Tang Jun in this state. She offers to take him home but he persists to continue working. Even the colleagues can see that Chu Chu likes Tang Jun. His team wonders what the other team has got off work so earlier. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 18 Recap

Wow, now this is really turning into something more than just a love story. Xiao Jie and Tang Jun who clearly has feelings for each other must put that all aside for the word of work. Their goal is to succeed. Doesn’t it pain so much to see Tang Jun in this state? He clearly hurts thinking that Xiao Jie doesn’t love him.

It’s okay, Tang Jun breathes a sigh of relief as he finds Xiao Jie sitting by the sea. He tells the sleepy drunken girl that he is really a fool. He knows that she doesn’t have him in her heart but let he still worries for her. He says that if he can be how cruel she is to him, then how good would it be? He is just glad she is alright. Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 17 Recap

No matter what Tang Jun just cannot stop himself from loving Xiao Jie no matter how hard he tries it is never going to happen. Xiao Jie and Tang Jun are as friends but their feelings for each other is always going to be there. This is a very unveiling episode which really gets down to the bottom of what type of person Xiao Jie is.


Chu Chu takes Tang Jun to see his sister. Of course he deduces that it has something to do with Xiao Jie. Chu Chu didn’t actually leave, she secretly listens to their conversation. Tang Mi tells Tang Jun that work matters are work matters and private matters are private matters. In the past because of Xiao Jie, he went to England causing their mother to get sick she is not going to chase this up but this time, she recruited Lin Xiao Jie not for them to date but to bring Golden Imperial Sea up another notch. She tells him that she hopes he can control himself and that Xiao Jie told her that she only thinks of him as a normal friend. Of course, Chu Chu lets out the biggest relief of smile. Anyway, Tang Mi continues to tell Tang Jun that she really likes Xiao Jie’s taste, she doesn’t even look up to Zi Qi so what can she see in him? She clearly tells her brother that she hopes he can work earnest and not make a mess of the company or embarrass their family.  Continue reading

SOP Queen Episode 16 Recap

Not exactly the most tense episode but it really helps to build up the path that everyone is going to have to take in the upcoming episodes. (: And finally, the turning point – Xiao Jie is working in Shanghai! And Tang Jun is maturing by the eye. (:


Each one of the colleagues conveniently gets phone calls or a task at hand. Everyone isn’t caring about Tang Jun because firstly, it will affect their work and secondly, if they do, Tang Mi won’t be very happy about it. Some of the colleagues aren’t very sure why CEO Tang Mi is treating her brother this way so one of the workers has to teach them a lesson. Tang Mi has a different mother to Tang Jun and technically speaking, Tang Mi is of a higher position than Tang Jun. Furthermore, Tang Jun’s mother married his father, she discovered that her husband already had an illegitimate daughter with his secretary. That year, the director (Tang Jun and Tang Mi’s father)… But before he could finish, they notice Tang Jun and immediately scramble back to work. Continue reading