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My Opinion on King Flower: First Impressions

Phew! That is one heck of a title! This drama didn’t spark my interest at all and I have no idea why I decided to give it a go. But I did regardless, and it is a pretty average rom-com. Right now I am simultaneously watching two James Wen dramas – this and The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) and in terms of their genres they are quite different from each other. I am only three eps in and already I can see that KF is following the usual rom-com plot made famous by SETTV which is the contract-like relationship will is due to happen any ep now.

These first few eps were quite slow going and you really have to watch them together for the introduction to set in place. If you just take the first ep on its own as the starting point, it would be very slow going and you wouldn’t receive my from the storyline. It is only after these three eps that the storyline starts to fall in place and where things are set to take off. Now, the drama is going to really start when the transformation comes.  Continue reading