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Season of Love Synopsis

Private investigator, Chu Cho On/Joe (Kenneth Ma) goes through an overlap connecting four different love stories in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each story is unique and  features different emotions that echoes the different seasons as well as the different take on a love relationship. In the four seasons, love is not as simple as it appears. Continue reading

Refresh 3+7 Synopsis

Refresh 3+7 is a micro-movie/mini film that consists of ten episodes that all tell of a different, individual and unique story. The three represents three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow while the seven represents the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and together three plus seven is equal to ten. While each episode tells of a different story, what links them together is the common quest of discovery. Continue reading

Highs and Lows Synopsis

A world of narcotics is what bonds these people co-existing from different worlds.

Heung Wing/Gordon Heung (Michael Miu) is the Narcotics Bureau’s Operation Wing senior inspector who is also a mentor and good friend to Wai Sai Lok/Happy Sir (Raymond Lam), the senior inspector of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB). Together, they work hand in hand to solve various cases.  Continue reading

Divas in Distress Synopsis

If only friendship could sustain as long as a diva’s feud…

There is nothing like a long strive for superiority and this is just what former divas, Seung Ying Hung (Liza Wang) and Miu Sing Ho (Gigi Wong), have been fighting over each other for over the last 30 years. It all began 30 years ago when these retired actresses worked under the same company. Now, even though they are retired, they are still constantly on the verge to outwit each other. It it was not for their respect for their master, Fung Hang Man (Chung King Fai), they would have cut off all relations with each other. Continue reading

SOP Queen Synopsis

Lin Xiao Jie (Chen Qiao En) is a diligent and intelligent employee who thinks she has found her man when receives a shock confession from her boss, Gao Zi Qi (Godfrey Gao) who is the second son of the Haiyue Group. So when he proposes, she agrees without hesitation.  However, her happiness ends there when the day before her wedding she discovers that she is not the one who he loves. It turns out who he really is in love with is a beautiful model, Bai Ji Qing (Coco Jiang), and he would do anything for her – even being her puppet.

Heartbroken, she confides with her internet pal Tom/Tang Jun (Zhang Han) who she met while on a business trip in London. Though online she online knows him as Tom. Even though they are distance apart, he still stands by her side offering her all the support that she needs, including a home, for her to begin her life anew in Shanghai. As Tang Jun, he hires her to work at his company in Shanghai. With his encouragement, she starts her own business and grows to become the queen of the business industry.

Continue reading

Witness Insecurity Synopsis

Hui Wai Sam (Bosco Wong) is a Witness Protection Unit (WPU) officer who is very dedicate in his job. Due to a case that involves the potential assassination of wealthy businessman Kiu Kong San’s (Paul Chun) younger brother, Kiu Kong Ho (Ram Tseung), Wai Sam is ordered to protect Kon San’s only daughter and surviving child, Kiu Chi Lam (Linda Chung).

Chi Lam witnessed the person who tried to assassinated her uncle and now her life is on the line.
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Tiger Cubs Synopsis

Tiger Cubs is a unique TVB series airing once a week at 90 minutes each episode with a total run of 13 episodes. It is another police procedural drama but this time based on the elite team from the Special Duties Unit. The Chinese title is ‘Flying Tigers’ based on the nickname of the real SDU team. The SDU is the team that specialises and handles crimes that are deemed too dangerous for ordinary police to handle. They also work closely with the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau team to crack down on the terrorist groups.  Continue reading

Gloves Come Off Synopsis

When the TV King of 2011 stars in his first  and possibly his only drama of 2012, it is bound to have some high expectations. When he comes together with one of TVB’s hot male star, Raymond Wong, well they are sure to make a great drama. Oh, did I mention that these two have some abs? Just by the look of the promotion poster, these guys are going to have some brotherly chemistry! I am sure these two will hit it with the female co-stars. I especially look forward  to the Raymond-Natalie paring ever since their cutesy pairing in A Watchdog’s Tale. (Though, I must admit Natalie isn’t the greatest actress of all, but she is improving.) Continue reading

Lovesick Synopsis

I know. I am outdated. Yeahhhhhh, about half a year outdated. LOL


How I have missed seeing Ariel and Bolin’s chemistry together! ❤ They just rock it. I can’t wait to see them together once again when I watch this after I finish writing this synopsis. I actually found out about this movie while was watching In Time With You but I just never got around to watching it…until now. Surprising, this rom-com was filmed way before ITWY but was released during the broadcasting of ITWY. Hmmm…maybe this was where they got their chemistry for ITWY from or maybe it was already there. 😉 Continue reading

Heartbeat Love Synopsis

Who can get enough of Show Luo and Rainie Yang’s chemistry? Certainly not me! For this reason, I am delighted to see them collaborated once again. I don’t care whether it is a drama or a movie or whatever, I just want to see more of them! Wouldn’t it be good if these two could a real couple? These have combined their magic together to star in an online micro-movie/mini-film called Heartbeat Love. For this collaboration, these two travel to some of the most spectacular places in Australia. These two are such a cuties! I can’t wait to watch this! Here is the the synopsis: Continue reading