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Kingone Wang Back with Daily Love or Spend

2Some stars just never seem to give themselves a break and Kingone Wang is one of them with back-to-back dramas. No sooner does one drama end, but before I hear news about that drama ending, I am hearing news of his comeback drama. In 2013 he starred in the drama Happy 300 Days and followed that on with Spring and Tie the Knot. Without giving himself a break, this year he starred in the melo Somebody Like You, the heart-wrenching The Day I Lost U and now back with a new daily, Love or Spend. Kingone has got an impressive resume under his belt, having played an array of characters. Just this year alone, he has played two of his most challenging characters to date – a blind man in SLY and a spinocerebellar ataxia sufferer. Continue reading

Quirky Insights for Roy Qiu and Alice Ke’s New Drama Marry Me, or Not?

1I have been waiting for the premiere of Marry Me, or Not? since what feels like forever and now it is just a day away from our television screens. It will air on CTV, following the heart-wrenching drama fare The Day I Lost U which will be a nice change of tone from the offering of its predecessor. I am super duper excited for this drama and from what the teasers and previews have offered, this drama looks like it will be a beautiful, quirky offering, something that is right up my alley. I haven’t been captivated by any Taiwanese drama this year based on previews alone until this drama came along so it better be good because it has set my expectations high and I really want it to meet these expectations.  Continue reading

My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 13-20

5It’s been a while since When I See You Again finished airing and it was such a cutesy, fluffy drama to watch from start through to finish. Every ep was filled with fluff and that was what made watching it so easy. The fluff what basically what held the drama. There is no denying that the drama lacked substance but there was enough fluff going around to sustain the drama and that in it of itself is not something that many dramas can manage. Dramas that lack substance tend to fall flat but luckily WISYA does not fall in this category. WISYA, while lacking in substance, packed a punch in delivering for its worth, and really that is all that I could have asked for from it. With the direction that WISYA headed it, there was only so much that it could deliver and it did deliver which what all dramas should be going. Continue reading

Bii Ventures into Acting in New Drama with Megan Lai

1When I See You Again is almost finished with its run and while it wasn’t anything spectacular, it was quite a fluffy and cutesy drama that I enjoyed watching. Seems like SETTV is deciding to stick with rom-coms after its experiment with the melo Someone Like You as the follow-up drama will too be a rom-com. The follow-up drama has yet to have an English name but the literal translation would be “Falling in Love With the Guys” and from that and the promotion material that has been surfacing, it seems like there will be some gender-bender in play. Continue reading

My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 7-12


When I See You Again has been such a cute and fluffy drama to watch and even now as we are hitting the middle point of the drama it still remains ever as cute and fluffy to watch. I love this because I don’t have to necessarily be up-to-date with the drama to feel like I am in it on the drama action. Its fluffiness makes it such a great watch for me, especially during my studies break because I don’t necessarily have to be up-to-date with it to feel like I am clued in on the drama action. WISYA isn’t a drama with substance, but it is a drama that packs a punch despite lacking the substance. It manages to keep me engaged ep after ep and I personally think that is a wonderful achievement for any drama, and especially so for this drama as it feels so minimal yet is able to achieve the achievement that many emotionally heavy dramas struggle to achieve. That in it of itself is already a winner for the drama. Continue reading

In Time With You vs. The Time We Were Not In Love


The Time We Were Not In Love

I was really looking forward to The Time We Were Not In Love as the remake of the hit Taiwanese drama In Time With You. I wholeheartedly adored ITWY and to date, it is one of my favourite dramas of all time. I had high expectations for TTWWNIL but I knew not to keep them up too high, but despite my low expectations of the drama, it still managed to really disappoint me, so much so that I just gave up watching it and had to push myself to finish it for the sake of finishing it. In fact, now that I look at it, TTWWNIL completely butchered ITWY. I did finish TTWWNIL in the end and it was nice to see a final closure to the couple who could have had their love story drawn summed up in two eps. The couple already knew themselves that their hearts belong to one another and this was the main reason why the drama was so draggy to watch. Continue reading

My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 3-6

17When I See You Again continues to be very light and fluffy, something that rests easy on my eyes. I have always been more of a rom-com kind of gal and as long as the drama is nice and fluffy enough, I will be sure to have some sort of liking towards it. WISYA is that kind of drama and continues to build up with lots of fluff which is just my cup of tea. These few eps gave the drama an overall backbone, something that the first two eps was a bit wobbly in doing and now is revving up the romance. It really set in ground the shaky beginning that was introduced in the first two eps. These few eps also firmly directed where the drama is to be headed. I think that’s really nice because the drama was quite slowly paced in the first two eps and took its time to settle down and into the main intention of the drama. Continue reading

My Opinion on When I See You Again: First Impressions

When I See You AgainI love it when the holidays come because this means I can just sleep, eat and drama without any other worries in life. With more time on my hands, this means I can load myself with more dramas, which is just the perfect way to spend my semester break. One of those dramas on my current watching cycle is the current SETTV Sunday-night drama When I See You Again. Unlike its predecessor Someone Like You, which was a melo drama, SETTV has reverted back to its roots of rom-coms, something that is right up my alley. WISYA has all of the elements of a SETTV rom-com and while SETTV doesn’t necessarily always make the best dramas, its rom-coms are always light, fluffy and easy on the eyes, something that is much needed after studying intensely for the past semester. WISYA is a very typical SETTV kind of rom-com, set in a village environment with lots of cutesy interaction from the two leads. Continue reading

Kingone Wang Follows-Up Someone Like You with The Day I Lost U

4It feels like it was just yesterday when Kingone Wang concluded his acting project Someone Like You with Lorene Ren but it has been a month since it has concluded, though that does not mean he has given himself a holiday though. Kingone is striking while the iron is hot and is immediately following on SLY with a new acting project. This time he is jumping back to CTV to headline the drama The Day I Lost U with singer-actress Nana Lee. Kingone literally has not given himself even a day of break because as soon as SLY finished filming, filming began for TDILU. Me thinks Kingone ought to sit down and give himself a chill day. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Way We Were

The Way We WereIt’s a post long overdue due to the mayhem of real life, but it’s finally here! The Way We Were was drama that I would have never thought to have contained so much in it but it did and it turned out to be a drama so much more than what it is worth on first impressions. It was not of something that I had expected and it turned out much better in that way because it just hits at all of the right places. It’s a story of bonds, bonds between five best friends who despite their ups and downs are still the bestest of friends at the end of the day. Their friendship started off in their uni days and stretched through 16 summers where they are no longer students are uni but people out in the real world and working their way to living their life. TWWW is a heartfelt drama that really goes deep down in telling such a story. It really works your emotion, or at least it did mines and I love it when a drama can get me this invested to it because this is sign that a drama has really gotten me to fall in love with it. Continue reading