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Upcoming Feel-good Movie A Minute More Premieres in Three Days

The feel-good, heart-warming movie, A Minute More 只要一分鐘, directed by famed Taiwanese director Chen Wei Ling whose works includes the emotionally beautiful hit drama Autumn’s Concerto and the eye capturing Material Queen which interesting both starred Vanness Wu as the leads and starring rumoured dating couple Janine Chang and Peter Ho is set to premiere in a few days on the 9th of May. Janine’s very busy this year with her highly anticipated drama You Light Up My Star starring across Joe Cheng to air on 1st of June. Anyway, back to AMM. I’ve been keeping my tabs on it since it finished filming last August and time sure does fly because it’s been 8ish months already! The movie is an adaptation of the bestselling Japanese novel by Harada Maha called 一分間だけ (Only A Minute) which explores the theme of pets and aims to reduce Taiwan’s stray pet population. The movie centres around an adorable dog which harbours similarities to the puppy love story in Marley and Me. An adorable dog plus awesome chemistry between the leads? Then I guess this is a going to be a sweet movie. Continue reading

My Opinion on The Fierce Wife: The Final Episode

Woahhh, if this isn’t the beautiful and perfect ending to The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) then I don’t know what is then. I guess everyone has a different opinion towards this movie; some thought it was shallow and lacking in plot while others thought that it was a solid story. Though it might not have been a perfect movie, but considering how much I enjoyed TFW I found this movie the perfect conclusion. It answered the questions left at the end of TFW and provided a conclusion for everyone, which officially closes TFW saga.

TFW ended with an open ending; An Zhen was caught between whether she should choose her cheating bastard of an ex-husband or Lan Tian Wei who loves her and is pursing her. I’m glad that this movie focused on An Zhen’s love life because we deserve a definite ending as to who she will end up with. However, I was quite disappointed that An Zhen could not move on from Rui Fan; I wanted for her to start anew and actually work out where her hearts belong to and not having half-hearted feelings for both Rui Fan and Tian Wei. Continue reading

My Opinion on You Are the Apple of My Eye

You Are the Apple of My Eye is an amazing movie that is the normal rom-com but with some splendid spark here and there. The chinese name of the movie is a literal interpretation of the movie line – In Those Years, The Girl We All Pursued. What’s more amazing is that this is based on the semi-autobiographic novel of this same name. If this is not amazing enough, the movie is directed by the author, Gidden Ko!

Oh, but that’s not all, the chemistry with the leads are remarkable. Ko Chen Tung may be 8 years younger than his co-star but his acting proves that he can make himself appear much older and maturer than what he really is (surprisingly, he plays a very immature character).

YATAOMYE is a beautiful story about two people who grow to become friends who fall in love with each other. (This reminds me of ITWY). However, the biggest difference is the ending. I hoped for the two to end up together but well… I guess they are better off being friends. Continue reading

My Opinion on Lovesick

This movie just brings me back to ITWY. I seriously can’t believe the chemistry between these two. It is sizzling! Boy, have they got the chemistry! Seriously, I can’t help but fall in love with them. I really do think that the chemistry from ITWY derived from this. The chemistry is there, but just not as strong as ITWY. I am just in love with this couple even more than before! ❤ Continue reading

Lovesick Synopsis

I know. I am outdated. Yeahhhhhh, about half a year outdated. LOL


How I have missed seeing Ariel and Bolin’s chemistry together! ❤ They just rock it. I can’t wait to see them together once again when I watch this after I finish writing this synopsis. I actually found out about this movie while was watching In Time With You but I just never got around to watching it…until now. Surprising, this rom-com was filmed way before ITWY but was released during the broadcasting of ITWY. Hmmm…maybe this was where they got their chemistry for ITWY from or maybe it was already there. 😉 Continue reading