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2013 End of Year Drama Review

I cannot believe that the year is coming to an end already! It feels like it was only just the start of 2013! Oh, how time flies! It just makes you look back and appreciate all the goodness that has come out of this year. It comes to the time for an end of year review and I really do appreciate the goodness that dramaland has given this year.

2013 has been one drama year for me (every year is a drama year for me!), though it was definitely much slower than 2012. I was actually quite slack with my drama watching for the first half of the year and only began to intensely drama during the second half of the year. With a heavier school load, I had no choice but to lighten up on my drama watching and this also meant choosing wisely with what I wanted to watch, which didn’t work out quite so well with some drama choices. But I did manage to do a lot of live-watching this year, which is something that I am very proud of. I also managed to watch a 73 ep drama, which is another thing which I am very proud of. I looked back at my 2012 End of Year Drama Review where I said that one of my resolutions for this year was to watch more dramas outside of hk-dramas but I don’t think I accomplished that. Anyhoo, I’ll just blame this on school which, really, is just an excuse to make me feel better of not achieving my goal.

There were quite a number of misses rather than hits this year which is quite disappointing but there were also a number of great hits. I didn’t get to see all the dramas that I wanted to see this year but I can always catch-up on it once I find some time in life. However, in generally, I think this year was quite a miss in terms of dramas. The reason why I was quite slack in terms of drama watching for the first half of the year was that there was any dramas that called out for me to watch it and furthermore, I have read reviews which have not been so positive about those dramas. It was during this half of the year that the dramaland picked up its game, especially in the k-drama verse.

I am going to have an even heavier school load next year which means less drama time for me but it won’t stop me from dramaing! Obviously school will be my priority but nothing is going to keep me away from dramas and blogging!

For this review, I am rating all of these dramas together for this year so the ratings will vary to the ratings on my ratings page. The ratings will be out of 5 stars. Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 29-30 Video Preview

After a long run the second most anticipated HK drama of the year (the first being Triumph in the Skies II), The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) has finally come to an end. It has been a very tough adventure watching this but I do appreciate the goods that came out of it. This drama undoubtedly did not stack up to its predecessor but I enjoyed it as a sequel. I loved the flow between the two dramas, something that I haven’t seen in a sequel for a very long time. THCII held onto the theme and atmosphere that was from The Hippocratic Crush (AKA On Call 36 Hours) and although there were some changes here and there, the overall theme and atmosphere was retained. That is really important for a sequel because a sequel is supposed to be a continuation to the predecessor and if the theme and atmosphere is different, then it cannot really be considered as a sequel, can it? I also really appreciate the efforts to use the same settings as THC, such as the Gen Y house, Mummy Fan’s house, the bridge and the theme song.  Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 24-28 Video Previews

This week’s previews is quite different from the previous weeks’ previews. Instead of indicating what of what is going to happen in the upcoming eps, it has snippets the final seven eps. Well, actually, this only occurred for the ep 24 preview. I’m going to separate the finale previews (as in the previews for the last two eps_ from this post just because I want to dedicate some focus to the finale. Ekkk, I can’t believe it is the final week already! I suddenly don’t want this to end yet. It has finally picked up its game and just when I want to see more, it comes winding down.

This week is emotionally traumatic for the The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) society, because everyone comes turning up with a disease one after the other. It will only be a matter of time before the doctors, next of kins, friends and the likes gets plagued with illness. I like how these illnesses are being incorporated into the drama but I do not like the manner of how it is distributed. Not everyone that is related to the doctors need to fall ill. While I understand what the drama is trying to do, it is just way too dramatic.  Continue reading

2013 in Hong Kong Dramas

I am kind of behind in getting out end of year posts! I need better time management for next year!

For those of you who are connected my blog for quite a while now would know that out of out the dramas that I watch, it is Hong Kong dramas which I frequent. This isn’t because I enjoy it more than dramas from other countries (which is certainly not the case) but because I grew up watching HK dramas. Furthermore, I always have HK dramas physically available on hand whereas for the other dramas, I have to go and search for it.

It is obvious that the quality of TVB dramas is going downhill, but nonetheless, I still continue watch HK dramas. 2013 was a very disappointing year for HK dramas with no dramas standing out of the crowd no achieving high ratings. Regardless of all this, for those of you who watch HK dramas, I would like to know which were favourite dramas of 2013. Please take an opportunity to vote below and comment which were your favourite and least favourite series of 2013! (: I look forward to hearing from you!

Oh, please vote before you read my favourites for 2013, since it would influence your decision.

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The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 19-23 Video Previews

I am on fire posting up previews this week! I am on time with this week’s previews and I am really enjoying this week’s ep. The drama is starting to pick up now and gripping onto the basis that was prequel. Thank goodness for this because it has been straying away from this for way too long. As a sequel, The Hippocratic Crush (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) not only has to present itself as a standalone drama, but it also has to carry across the atmosphere of its prequel. From ep 6 onwards, THCII wasn’t doing so well in this department but it is really starting to sink in now that we head on the final two weeks. As a sequel, I dare to say that this is one of the best that I have seen in recent years. THCII does not stack up to THC but as a sequel I feel that it is hold up really well as one. Now I am sad to know that this will end very soon.

Yay for reconciliation! I have been waiting for this ever since Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma) had their big cooling off period. I have been complaining that their cooling-off period has been going on for way too long but despite this I quite enjoy the process that brings them together again. I love that their separation has brought them closer to understanding each other and loving each other. He constantly cared for her and made arrangements for for because he loves her but he has come to realise that this is not what love is; if he can’t understand her then he can’t ever truly love her. I’m glad that he has come to accept that and see things from her perspective. She is a strong woman and he needs to know that. It’s so cute how they set up combination numbers for each other to guess which really brings across memories of them writing letters to each other in the prequel. I love watching these cuteness from them and I can’t wait to see more now that they have reconciled, although not officially.  Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 14-18 Video Previews

Yay! These eps has revived my previous disappointment for the drama. At last, the focus is on where it should be. I am so happy to see more screen time on the old cast. This is what I want to see! Though, I still feel that there is unnecessary focus on the new cast. I guess I have to be happy with what I am getting. (:

I am glad that there is a good turn of things for Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma). The cold war between them has lasted way too long that it is long overdue for them to make up already. I need to see them together again and hopefully it will be soon rather than later. Though, I am glad that they have this obstacle to pass through together because this allows them to understand each other as well as love one another. This obstacle is needed for Yat Kin Tau to realise that if he truly loves Yu Jai, he needs to learn to understand her and support her. He also needs to see that in order to love her, he needs to love himself first. And he is doing just these things. He is giving her some breathing space and is putting himself in her shoes to understanding why she has made such choices. He has already regained back his life, living for himself and not for someone else. I don’t exactly like this plot device but I like what it is doing for Yu Jai and Yat Kin Tau. I just hope that it doesn’t drag on any longer.  Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 11-13 Video Previews

It feels so good to finally be free from exams! I can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief! *Breeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* I can finally have my drama life back! I have been waiting for this ever since my exams started! Thank you for all of you readers who have supported me through this exam period! I was very sad that I couldn’t drama and post as much as I would have loved to but thank you so so so much for understanding! (:

This week only three episodes of The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) aired since TVB made a special screening of the 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala in place of THCII on the Tuesday at which Kenneth Ma was personally voted by his peers as the TV King of 2013 (though this outcome has no effect on the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards) with Kristal Tin claiming the female counterpart while Will Power aired in THCII’s place on Friday. That one ep will be made up during the two hour finale, which is not all that long away; THCII comes to an end in just under three weeks! But yet there are still a number of storylines that have yet to take shape.  Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 6-10 Video Previews

Don’t ask, just don’t ask how I managed to squeeze dramaing into my current life despite it being exam filled! Though, rest assured, my studies do take precedence over dramaing! My exams have actually been progressing quite smoothly and I have made sure to study well for them! Just one more week of exams to go before I can resume my normal dramaing again! (: Yay! So first I shall have to survive through this week and at the end of it will be a very bright rainbow waiting for me!

I am really enjoying this drama but there is too much focus on the new characters and too less focus on who we really want to see. I really want to see more development between Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma) and Fan Ji Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung). The drama does have them in the centre but I just feel that every time they appear, I only get to see them for a few seconds at most! There is not enough focus on them! Let’s not even talk about Hung Mei Suet (Mandy Wong) and Lau Bing Chan/Benjamin (Benjamin Yuen) because in these 10 eps, there has been hardly, if any, focus on them. I want to see the cuteness and Mei Suet’s soft side when she is with them, because so far there has only been talk and no show of that. I don’t mind the new additions, and in fact I actually quite like them but I would really appreciate it if the focus wasn’t given so heavily on them. I really want the main cast to be the focus because they are the ones who drive the drama.  Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Episodes 1-5 Video Previews

Arghhhh, what am I doing here!? I am supposed to be studying! I just can’t seem to stay away from dramas! Maybe watching The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) will inspire and motivate me to become a doctor in the near future? Ahahaha! I was really looking forward to this drama because I loved the first instalment The Hippocratic Crush (AKA On Call 36 Hours) which was released last year. I really loved the characters there, especially Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung) and Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma) so this sequel made me keen to see their further development. I have already seen these first five eps (I saw it prior to my exams so that’s okay…) and it did not disappoint. I am really enjoying THCII as a sequel to THC. I find that it is really stacking it to its previous instalment. It brings on the same mood that was present in THC, and furthermore, the characters are the same as they previously were but now they are more developed with a solid personality to them. There are a number of new casts to this sequel but I don’t really mind because the cast of THC are still of the main focus here. I am just really enjoying this sequel thus far; it actually feels like a continuation of THC which for a sequel is a rare gem to spot in TVB dramas. More YuTau shipping with the drama! Continue reading

The Hippocratic Crush II Official Opening Sequence Full Cut

The Hippocratic Crush II (AKA On Call 36 Hours II) premiered last night but released its official opening sequence a while back. I am really keen on opening sequences because they give you an insight as to what will happen in the drama without actually spoiling it. It just makes you excited for what is to come. I really enjoyed the opening sequence for THCII. Not only did Joey Yung who sang the opening theme song for THC come back to sing for THCII, but the song also follows a similar melody. I think that this was really nice because this helps to emphasis that this is carrying on the spirit of THC. For once THCII actually feels like a continuation of the first season and not a spin off from its original parent. Continue reading