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The Time We Were Not In Love Episode 1 Recap

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.45.20 am Everyone has been highly anticipating for the release of The Time We Were Not In Love both internationally and domestically and it has finally arrived. TTWWNIL (what a mouthful!) is the Korean remake of the critically acclaimed Taiwanese drama In Time With You which not only spawned a number of awards but also gained itself quite a niche audience, an audience that still keeps with them despite it being four years since it aired. Korean dramas getting remade by Taiwan is quite common but it is not that often that Taiwanese dramas cross the strait to get its own version in Korea which is one of the numerous reasons why TTWWNIL is so highly anticipated this year. With remakes, as they are based on being a remake, there is both pressure for it to be good and also the added pressure for it to live up to its cousin. That is my biggest worry for TTWWNIL and only time will tell whether it will float or sink. Continue reading