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My Opinion on The Way We Were

The Way We WereIt’s a post long overdue due to the mayhem of real life, but it’s finally here! The Way We Were was drama that I would have never thought to have contained so much in it but it did and it turned out to be a drama so much more than what it is worth on first impressions. It was not of something that I had expected and it turned out much better in that way because it just hits at all of the right places. It’s a story of bonds, bonds between five best friends who despite their ups and downs are still the bestest of friends at the end of the day. Their friendship started off in their uni days and stretched through 16 summers where they are no longer students are uni but people out in the real world and working their way to living their life. TWWW is a heartfelt drama that really goes deep down in telling such a story. It really works your emotion, or at least it did mines and I love it when a drama can get me this invested to it because this is sign that a drama has really gotten me to fall in love with it. Continue reading