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Tiger Cubs Episode 5 Overview

I really appreciated this episode because it didn’t hold that much of a personal connection. To an extent it did, but it wasn’t immediate personal connection which is good because I am sick of the personal connections. I am glad that Chun Hin over comes is lack of self-confidence. (: This was a really different episode. There was action but there was also a sense of closeness.  Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 4 Overview

Gaaaahhh, why do I always cry in TVB dramas? LOL, I am such a sucker for moving scenes. I’m actually glad with this episode with how well everything flows, especially on Hok Lai’s behalf. So all his training actually does have an impact on him. Ahahaha, this episode flows well with how it deals with three-ish, actually four-ish storylines as one and how it all intersects to link to further episodes. Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 3 Overview

Nice, nice, nice! This was much better than the last ep! More action here! OMG, I am developing a craving for this now! I can’t wait to see more of it! I am so shipping Yuen and Wai Wai now! He is definitely her prince charming! Oh, now these relationships are starting to take shape. Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 2 Overview

This was still brilliant although this episode kind of dropped from the first episode. I am sure it will be a build up to the next episode. Though I thought this ep would continue off from the last ep. The last ep was really opened and doesn’t seem to flow to this ep. There was a lot of bromance from Chun Hin and Hok Lai though, so it’s all good. Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Episode 1 Overview

I haven’t seen such an action-packed Hong Kong drama in well, forever! There was action at every turn and path. I especially enjoyed this, this isn’t your traditional TVB drama of 60 minutes but rather a mini-movie of 90 minutes each episode. This has got to be the most epic drama. Ahahahaha, and the character development are also brilliant, though some characters kind of remind as other characters. *cough. Him Law. cough* This is just fantastic, all the action occurs in the right place. I love this!  Continue reading

Tiger Cubs Synopsis

Tiger Cubs is a unique TVB series airing once a week at 90 minutes each episode with a total run of 13 episodes. It is another police procedural drama but this time based on the elite team from the Special Duties Unit. The Chinese title is ‘Flying Tigers’ based on the nickname of the real SDU team. The SDU is the team that specialises and handles crimes that are deemed too dangerous for ordinary police to handle. They also work closely with the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau team to crack down on the terrorist groups.  Continue reading