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Fated to Love You Releases Long Preview

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI was so happy to have woken up to find the a long preview for Fated to Love You pop up on my newsfeed. Time sure does fly quick because before we know it, FTLY will be premiering tomorrow on MBC in the timeslot that was previously occupied by A New Leaf! The cast of FTLY held a press conference yesterday and also released a long preview. The preview is sweet and I just really love the vibes that it is channelling from the original. It looks spot on in taking elements from the original but it has enough of its own touch to stand out from being merely a remake. I like that aspect of it because even though this is a remake, I don’t want to watch something that is a carbon-copy of its sister. The preview sums up the events that will happen in the first ep and things get steamy between the OTP Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. Despite coming from different socio-economic statuses, each have their reasons for being in Macau but both get a bit topsy-turvy and end up having a one-night-stand. As fate would ensure, a pregnancy happens and the OTP begin their relationship, except in quite the reverse order. Even though I have already seen the original one and know what will ensure, I am very excited to see how this remake will unfold. If things are as good as the preview shows then I will be very happy indeed. Continue reading

New Teasers and Posters for Fated to Love You Draws on the Fluffy Side

Image and video hosting by TinyPicMBC recently rolled out two new teasers and official posters for the upcoming rom-com Fated to Love You and it has really put on a big smile on my face and I really do hope that it will continue to do so! I am loving what I am seeing! I really hope that these are signs that drama will be great. Continue reading

Fated to Love You Drops Cutesy Teaser and New Stills

I don’t think I have been this excited about an upcoming drama for quite long while. The very first teaser for Fated to Love You and the official website with never-before-seen stills dropped today and that has just pumped up my excitation levels. The teaser is more like a CF than a teaser because this is a far cry from the drama’s storyline. The teaser features leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara sharing a cute bubbly picnic date which is just oh-too-cute for the eyes. He plays the guitar for her and rallies her for a romantic hug on the bridge which is filled with loads of electric energy passing between each other. It’s very cheesy but I really like it for it’s upbeat atmosphere. Continue reading

Extended Trailer for You Light Up My Star

You Light Up My Star is premiering tomorrow night and there has been an overflow of promotion materials this past week. I highly anticipate this drama because has some big stars and is directed by one of the most respected directors in Taiwanese dramas, Director Winnie. Director Winnie’s last drama was the critically acclaimed In Time With You which I wholeheartedly loved right from the beginning. His dramas are always a treat to watch and I’m sure that this will be the same with YFAS.

An extended trailer and BTS intro was recently released and I am loving what I am seeing. YFAS is something I look forward to mainly because of the different genre that it is conveying. It’s a romance story at heart but shaped around it is much more than that; it is about the character’s step to reach the position they are in and I am sure there is going to be lots of heartfelt background stories that will unfold. YFAS is also not going to be short on kisses with a dozen or so kisses between the OTP in just this trailer alone! Plus, there’s lots chemistry that I see flying! Continue reading

Director Winnie’s You Light Up My Star Starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang Amps Up for Premiere

Director Winnie is a critically acclaimed Taiwanese director and his works always stir up lots of talk. He is back with a new drama, You Light Up My Star, starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang. This is Joe’s comeback drama after serving his mandatory military service and this marks Janine’s return to home soil after having developed her career in mainland China for the past few years.This isn’t the first time that Janine and Joe have worked, having previously starred opposite each other as leads in 2008’s Honey and Clover. This drama is looking to be a hit because not only does have a star-studded cast and award-winning director but it is also penned by the the screenwriters behind the hit dramas They Kiss Again and A Good Wife etc. YFAS has got it all on and off screens. It premieres in two days time (Sunday) on FTV and will air for 20 eps. I’d love to check it out but life is so busy right now I’ll have to save this for some marathon-watching later on in the year. Continue reading

Upcoming Friday Drama Love Myself or You Releases Scrumptious Teasers

Now that the every so beautiful drama In A Good Way is over and out, it is time for Love Myself or You to take over its timeslot. Starring Puff Guo of Dream GirlsLiu Yi Hao/Jasper Liu, Lee Shao Xiang/Sean Lee and Lene Lai, LMOY is reverting back to the typical idol-drama territory but at least this one seems like it is going to work unlike the Sunday night idol drama Fall in Love with Me starring fellow Dream Girls member Tia Li and Aaron Yan. That drama is just plot-less and chemistry-less and I really do not know what I am even watching it save for the occasional naked Aaron scenes. LMOY, on the other hand, seems to have a much more interesting premises and there is actually a plot to it.

SETTV idol dramas are known to have the word “love” in their titles and it continues that route with this drama. However, the Chinese title extends to a much deeper meaning that I feel is sort of lost with the English title. It’s Chinese title is 喜歡‧一個人 which can be interpreting in several ways. Its literal title is “Like. One Person” which can be seen as either to like a person (i.e. “Like A Person”) or to like alone (i.e. “Like. Alone”). It’s very creative and what’s better is that it really fits in with plot. Puff’s character is a sous chef who enjoys a solidarity life where she can fixate on food whether that be cooking it or eating it and reading manga. Jasper’s character then enters her life and she can’t help but fall for him. So I guess the title reflects how the drama is going to play out, which is pretty neat if you ask me. Continue reading

Emotional Video Previews for In A Good Way Episode 26 as We Prepare to Bid Farewell

Be prepared to have your tissues out for the final ep because there will definitely be lots of tears from both the characters and us having to say our final goodbyes to this wonderful drama. In A Good Way has been such a wonderful watch and such a rare gem to find in this drama industry which is filled with clichéd plots and chemistry-less leads. IAGW is anything but. It is a heart-warming story told with sincerity and never did it once deviate from what it initially planned out to do. Freedom has been the core of this story right from the very start and it continues to remain prevalent right throughout the drama. Sometimes, I get carried away with the time setting of IAGW but you have to remember that it is set in the late 1990’s when technology and freedom back then is not as we know it today. Freedom was something that came with a hefty fine and was not an easy journey to embark on. It was something that required immense determination as well as stamina. You had to fight for it if you wanted it and this is something that has been very nicely portrayed here. IAGW might be glossed over with uni life but beneath that is the chase for freedom. Each of the characters chase for it one way or an another and with each step they take forward, the closer this freedom becomes for them. But the word “freedom” does not mean the same thing for them all. “Freedom” is something that comes through based on personal experiences and influences and these have been something that we have witnessed each of the characters face. It has now come down to the final page and the biggest question will be “are you free?”. I sure hope so! Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 25 Video Preview and Lorene Ren and Lego Lee Team Up for Fluffy 7-Eleven Rilakkuma CF

It is so heartbreaking to see Liu Chuan locking himself up and falling to pieces. He is a very strong guy but now he is just all broken and shattered. I just want to give him a cuddle and tell him that everything will be all right. But alas, that’s not my job to do because he has Jia En by his side who will remain by his side whether it be a tornado or earthquake that comes. It doesn’t matter what happens because she will remain by his side forever just like she promised. Liu Chuan is so lucky to have lots of supportive people who he can count on to help pick him up. It doesn’t matter who is he or what his family background is because the friend they have come to known is Liu Chuan and not Liu Chuan whose father is Liu Song Heng. Him being Liu Chuan is what matters to them. So regardless of what path he decides to take, they will be there supporting him just as he has supported them.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 24 Video Preview

Holidays are over for me and that means lots of homework and back to my hectic days. 😦 Luckily I have dramas right by my side to keep me sane and seeing the In A Good Way gang just always manages to bring a smile on my face. IAGW is set to end sometime soon but its episode count keeps getting readjusted. It is now currently set to end at 26 eps but last time I checked it was 25 eps. As much as I would love for IAGW to go on forever, it is evident that IAGW is slowly deviating off into a different direction and slowing down in its pacing. Its been an amazing drama and one thing that I do not want it to do is fall backwards when it is so close to the finish line. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 23 Video Previews and a Very Warm Episode 22 BTS

The ending is nearing and the cast have been wrapping up their last scenes one at a time. It is now finalised for 25 eps, which I am pretty sure is on par with Office Girls being the longest running prime-time idol drama, with the last ep to air on the 9th of May. It’s a sad acknowledgement that has to be made but In A Good Way is coming to an end as do all good things. The past twenty-something weeks that I have spent with it has been nothing short of being splendid. I loved every second of it to bits and pieces. Never once did I think that IAGW would be as good as it is but it certainly blew me away. It is such a rare encounter to meet something like IAGW that is so well written and true to the heart. More than that, it is such a rarity to meet a drama that touches base with life. Never did IAGW stray away from what it had in mind to bring across a reflective, true to life story even once throughout the course of its run. It’s an amazing achievement in its own but what’s more valuable than that is the tight-friendships that it has helped created. It is just so warm and fuzzy and always sends happiness down my heart seeing how close they are. These friendships will last a lifetime and is something that cannot be bought with money. It’s a sad closure but this is only the beginning of a new journey that will be filled of laughter and lots of love.

I have no idea how the ending will turn out to be but I am sure that regardless of what happens, each and every single one of the characters will be happy. But I am assure you that IAGW will give us a very real ending that reflects who the characters are. IAGW is a drama all about the journey to freedom and I think it has captured this sense in a very sentimental way. I’ve fallen in love with it without it even having to try and capture my heart. Simple is best and this drama has stuck to simplicity. I’m so glad to have walked on this journey with the characters but it pains me to have to start the countdown to the ending. This will be one drama that I look back on and remember all the beauty that it is engraved with. Continue reading