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My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 15

As much as  I hate to do so, but it is time to bid farewell! Ahnnyeong! It has been an amazing ride two both couples, and I do not regret spending 15 weeks on this. They were 15 weeks well spent. It pains me to have to bid farewell to WGMG; I have been there walking with both couples (mainly TaecGui) through their adventure of getting to know one another but now I have to face the sad reality of not being able to watch them every Saturday any more. It really has been one beautiful adventure and I loved every moment of it.

WGMG ended sweetly and every emotionally, not just for the couples but also for the viewers, which is inevitable considering how some have devoted 15 weeks towards it. I cried buckets for this because watching Taecyeon and Gui Gui part is something very painful. They have spent 3ish months warming to each other but they are forced to part. I have watched them face their difficulties and overcome them with each other by their side but now they have to revert back to their lives without one another. They have moved on and so I will have to learn to move on too. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 14

Reality does hit when it comes right at your face. There is only one more week left before we have to bid goodbye to seeing Taecyeon and Gui Gui on my screens and like Gui Gui, even I am growing emotional about it. I have been there watching them grow as a couple from the very beginning but now it is time when I have to let go. I am sad that I have to part with them but I know that I will have to move on. Together, they changed the rules and proved that two people coming from different cultural and language backgrounds can also create a happy and loving relationship.

I loved this ep for various reasons, mainly being that this is the second last ep and because of Gui Gui’s surprise for Taecyeon. What she did for him is sure to be something very memorable and touching. The memories that these two have created together will be something that they will remember forever. What she did for him really shows what they have been through and what what he means to her. They have been through a lot and everything that they have done together has helped one another to further discover themselves. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 13

At last WGMG has managed to to satisfy me in terms of the content delivered with each ep. I have been longing to see a new mission with each ep and now I am finally getting it, well that was the case for the this ep and last ep. Next ep will be a continuation of this ep so hopefully the last and final ep will be of a new mission and end with a bang! Yes, two eps. Isn’t it sad that WGMG is already reaching the end of its run? I am already going to miss seeing Taecyeon and Gui Gui on my screen each Saturday!

More dates like this must come! I loved both couple’s dates, they were both so sweet and meaningful! This is want I want to see more of; more of these heart-to-heart interactions between the couples. This was pure goodness with was filled with love and happiness. Both couples have opened themselves to one another, especially with how far TaecGui have progressed. Just watching their date this week in contrast to their initial meeting has showed how their 100 days of marriage has allowed to not only help each other to understand the other but also creating unforgettable memories for one another. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 12

My disappointed spirits with the last ep was anything but in this ep. I absolutely loved this ep! It was so full of life and energy! I never thought that Gui Gui and Taecyeon composing a song together, honestly when I was watching the preview for this ep I was just like it would not strike my interest but when I went into watching the ep, I grew more and more immersed with watching it develop because every interaction that Gui Gui and Taecyeon made with each other made me eager to watch more of them together!

This is one ep which I really looked forward to; I just wanted to see an ep of TaecGui in “marriage” life after all the ceremony and celebrations are over. I was definitely not disappointed in this ep because it really brought out all the sunshine in their relationship. Just seeing that their feelings are genuine makes every ep that much more powerful, and of course this ep was of no exception. You just know that that the feelings that they have for each other is true and sincere which makes me really invested in following their development.  Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 11

I loved this episode, but not for the reasons which I expected. Coming off from ep 10 and with the preview for this ep, I honestly thought that Taecyeon and Gui Gui would take it away with this ep but to my disappointment they didn’t. The build up to this ep really got me hyped because but I guess I got hyped up for all the wrong reasons. On the contrary, Hong Ki and Mina totally blew me away with what they brought to the ep as well as their relationship. They really have stepped a long way since the first ep. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 10

This ep went by like a strong breeze! I can’t believe that I have to wait another week just to see the next ep! I really enjoyed this ep. It was full of laughter and smiles, in fact there was nothing I saw of Gui Gui and Taecyeon which was not of a smile! It was really lively and it was more than enough to get me laughing along with them. Last three eps were more on the romantic side and this one just falls so naturally and comfortably with the scheme of things. I absolutely loved this ep, it was super easy-going and just a blast to watch! It really lightened up my study day!

I just can’t get over as to how adorable Gui Gui and Taecyeon are! Their relationship just continues to blossom ep by ep! They are so just adorable and they have opened up each other, providing a playful nature for every ep. I absolutely love the relaxing feel that they give off, you can just sit down with ease watching those two. You don’t have to think about where the relationship is going to head off to next because everything just falls in place so naturally. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 9

So I have exams coming up this week and I somehow managed to find the time to cram in an ep of WGM. Ahahahas, I just had to, there was a desire within me that pushed for me to watch this ep! I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate on studying without catching up with the latest ep! I just had to see it, especially after the romantic proposal in the last ep. I had to see to the end of their wedding ceremony and honeymoon! Okay, I can study now. So if I go MIA for a while, it’s because I am studying. 0:)

Where last ep was playful, this ep was sweet. It was immensely toned down here and more down-to-earth. It really showed the journey that they two have went on. They were at first strangers to each other but now they are close friends who share a chemistry which I never knew could have existed. I absolutely love watching them grow, it feels like I am the fairy-god-mother here, helping them to grow their relationship, except then I realise that I am no fairy-god-mother.  Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 8

Now this ep is a stunner! It really got me stopping to stare with my jaw draw. Yup, I was that awestruck by it! It was really down to earth as well as being the most romantic ep yet! There were scenes that really made me super duper happy. I just loved everything that happened here! It was perfect. The couples really bonded with each other, especially Gui Gui and Taecyeon. They are oh-so-cute! Their interactions had much much much more chemistry than I expected. Dare I say it, this ep was the realest that I have have seen of Gui Gui and Taecyeon. They really are growing more and more as a couple.  Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 7

Since seeing this ep I know that sweetness is bound to hit our screens with next ep. As always, all segments seem to be divided into two eps – the build up and the climax. This ep was the build up for the honeymoon/wedding so yes, it was kind of dull and not as interesting to watch but when you have the flying chemistry and adorable couples to watch, it is worth it to spend an hour of your life watching two people interact with each other.

Taecyeon and Gui Gui travelled to Jeju Island to begin their honeymoon/marriage ceremony while Hong Ki and Mina remained at South Korea to hold their wedding ceremony. It is quite an interesting contrast to see how differently the two couples are approaching their marriage. Hong Ki and Mina takes a “gathering” route while Taecyeon and Gui Gui opts for a “you-and-me” route. However, what is apparent between both of these couples despite their different approaches to their relationship is that they have grown to understand each other. Continue reading

My Opinion on We Got Married Global Edition Season 1 Episode 6

Okay guys, my anticipation is running high for the next ep! We got a lot of kisses and a sweet proposal! Things are really heating up which is a good sign for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Yes, I have been waiting for this to occur ever since the news broke out. I cannot hide how excited I am because I am super duper excited! I clearly have a thing for watching couples grow with each other because I cannot get enough of watching this!

We Got Married Global Edition is the only show that I am currently live-watching; I am eps behind King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess OR The Adventure of King Flower), haven’t even gotten close to starting Gu Family Book and the current Hong Kong dramas are such a mess that it I can only get through them with the ff button. I really appreciate live-watching because it really helps to create anticipation, and this occurs even more so because this is like watching a real-life human drama. With each ep I see the couples grow closer and closer with each other and this just brings me want to see their further development! Continue reading