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In A Good Way Episode 16 Written Preview

Oh boyyyyy, what should I do with myself? The written preview is making me all giggly and very very excited for the showing of ep 16. Liu Chuan and Jia En are such a cute dating couple. Admittedly their relationship might be going a whee bit too fast but this is balanced out by how maturely they are tackling their relationship. For us sitting at home and watching them walk their relationship, it feels really fast with how things are heading and their talk about bases but because they are handling their relationship in the utmost innocent and pure way, this is a pacing that I really enjoy. Also, there is the comfort of knowing that they aren’t going to do anything irrational. The pacing suits them well and having had over 15 eps of growth before them, this change of pace doesn’t hurt and instead makes me more excited to watch the drama!

Ren Wei, Ren Wei. Please, just sort out your feelings and move on. I love Ren Wei as a character. I adore him for the person that he is and I enjoy watching him change and become a better person but I don’t want to see him trapped in a cage being unable to fly free. I want to see him in full spirits again, pursuing for what his heart is telling him to do. His love towards Jia En is very different to what he had towards to Bai Xue due to their extensive friendship. This is why he is trapping himself in a cage; he knows of where her feelings lie and he also understands where his heart is leaning towards but he can’t do anything about it because if he does, his friendship with Jia En will change indefinitely. Please, just be happy and find the one who is your equal.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 15 Written Preview

Kyahhhhh! This written preview is making me gush and blush over, much like I was while watching the video preview for ep 15. I have a feeling this ep will make me very jolly and full of happiness judging by the way the previews have already made me.

I guess the fundamental element to this ep and what we most look forward to is Jia En and Liu Chuan officially together as a couple. While I have been waiting for this moment to come, I never felt compelled to actually want to push them together. I like the space between them and I like how they just naturally came to fall for one another through their mutual understanding of each other. I really enjoying the pacing in their relationship. A tight friendship was built and as they got to learn more about each other, their heart started to flutter when they are around each other and they just got compelled to help and protect one another. Their romance is so innocently sweet that I can just spend days, months and years just watching them hold hands with each other!

The love’s kicking in but while some find love, others are in heartbreak. I’m pointing at you Ren Wei! I really hope that he can move on soon and find his true love in Bai Xue. I am very how that will play out since Bai Xue and Ren Wei currently show no signs of any romantic feelings for each other. This phase of falling for Jia En is vital to Ren Wei’s growth but I don’t want to see it dragged on. It’s heartbreaking to see Ren Wei like this! I don’t need this again, after having my heart broken after seeing Liu Chuan stray away from who is his.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 14 Written Preview

This is going to be an ep of angst and sadness for the characters and viewers alike. I have a lot of emotion invested into this drama so just watching and reading the preview was enough for my heart to ache. Liu Chuan has always been a guy who kept his feelings inside and if it wasn’t for Jia En, he wouldn’t have come out of his shell. However, since succumbing to his father for help, he seems to have retreated back to his shell once again. By asking his father for help, he goes against the justice that he has been working so hard to fight for and this is something very tough for him to do. He has always been stood firm with his position and I guess by making this decision, it is more or else a betrayal of himself. Hopefully Jia En will be able to help him see the brighter side of things and help him to stand strong again. I can’t bear to see a moppy and depressed Liu Chuan! Actually, I don’t have to hope because I know that she will be able to do so only because she is the Jia En in Liu Chuan’s heart.

The feelings that Ren Wei has for Jia En is still quite iffy but he is definitely feeling something for her. He likes her but it isn’t to that stage yet where is is head over heels for her. He isn’t going to be making a move on her any time soon. At least he is not going to try to alter the where her heart lies. Though, it is not just because of that. He still has feelings for Bai Xue even though it has lying low in recent times. His pursuit for Bai Xue has really helped to open up his feelings and I applaud the drama for having written it so wonderfully well and having wove it perfectly along with the other relationships. With all the focus on Jia En and Liu Chuan recently, I would love it if there was some substantial relationship development between Bai Xue and Ren Wei.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 13 Written Preview

What day is it? It’s Friday(and Valentine’s Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day), that’s what! This means that it’s time for another dosage of In A Good Way, something that I have been looking forward to all week. Yaaayyy, something to feed my addiction! I am intrigued by everything that happens around Liu Chuan and Jia En and I have got more reason to be so with a confession coming (hopefully the hints are true!). Yep, you heard me. It’s going to be confession time. And it’s not going to be a silent confession either but it is going to be a direct confession. It is going to be Jia En who makes the call on whether she is going to affect his confession or reject it. It’s only ep 12 so there is still so much more that can and will happen for this couple. As much as I would love to see Jia En all chappy and in love with Liu Chuan, I don’t think that it is going to happen any time soon. Jia En is not ready to accept him yet. While she might be aware of her feelings, her heart has not opened up enough to let any one in yet. Regardless of where the drama takes their relationship to, I just don’t want it to come between the friendship between them or the crew for that matter.

While it is happiness coming for Liu Chuan and Jia En, not the same can be said for Bai Xue and Ren Wei. It’s so sad to see the awkwardness that have come between them! But they will get through it and realise that they are meant for each other, right? I am so ready to see some solid development between them because they deserve happiness too. I really want to see how they will tackle their relationship given that Bai Xue never reciprocated his feelings and that it was him to stopped openly pursuing her. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 12 Written Preview

What day is it? It’s Friday that’s what! Yep, Friday is finally here! I have been waiting two agonising weeks for this Friday to come and at last it has arrived. In between drama, so much has been happening. Real life can be such a pain in the ass sometimes but just knowing that I have In A Good Way to look forward to every week brightens me up as the week nears closer and closer to Friday. At the end of ep 11, we ended with Xiao Wei standing up for herself and stepping into the protest under her own will. I was happy that the ep did not end with a cliffhanger because that would have made the wait for ep 12 that much more agonising but more so, I was happy with the growth in Xiao Wei and the way the friends treated this protest in regards to her. They never pushed her as such to make any decisions and they respected her for her stance. This friendship between the gang is beyond sweet because regardless of what comes between them, they will always be there for each other. This protest is a test against their friendship and they will come out of it stronger than how they went in it. Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 11 Written Preview

Oooo, some exciting stuff and it is all pointing towards Ren Wei’s impending feelings in the most low-key way. As much as a I worry for it, I am also quite anticipating it. I want to see how the drama will handle it and especially how Ren Wei will deal with it. After 10 eps with In A Good Way, I can guarantee that whatever happens, nothing will mess up the set-up of the drama. IAGW just knows how to tackle these issues in a way that satisfies not just us as the viewers, but also the characters. It is not going to ruin their friendship but instead bring them closer together. So far, what IAGW has been doing is dropping hints about Ren Wei’s growing feelings towards Jia En but has never acted upon it. I await to see when that will happen and what it will lead to.

This protest is going to bond the gang closer together than they ever were. I like this thought for justice and it is going to push Jia En and Liu Chuan to new heights as well as bring their feelings closer together. Liu Chuan is not going to make a move on her but his little tentative actions will definitely be playing a part in helping her to confirm his feelings. I really hope that everyone gets a good outcome out of this protest, especially for Xiao Wei who has been innocently dragged into it.  Continue reading

Leads of A Time of Love Gather in Hong Kong for an Exclusive Premiere

On the 22nd of January 2014, the leads from the four stories of the micro-movie/mini-film A Time of Love gathered in Hong Kong for the premiere party. Chris Wang wasn’t present, presumably because he is busy filming for his current Taiwan daily Love Family which he stars opposite Serena Fang. Could this mean that Kate Tsui will have a happy ending with James Wen? Also absent was Aaron Yan and Naomi Watanabe who are probably at Japan filming their story arc which is the last one to start shooting and also the last one to air.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 10 Written Preview

Yay, more Momo here! I am very happy with all the Momo scenes that I get! Here is a really cute story told from Momo’s perspective. It is such an adorable story!

Nowadays, it has become the norm for me to read and watch previews for the ep that is to-be-aired. I used to be all against spoilers but now I am pretty open to having an insight as to what will happen in the upcoming ep. Reading the written preview for ep 10 left me excited and filled with relief, relief knowing that Bai Xue and Jia En’s friendship aren’t going to be on the rocks over a guy. Jia En would never choose a guy over a friendship that means so much to her. The only way that she will be able to be with the guy that Bai Xue likes is if Bai Xue is able to move on and give Jia En the all clear for her to be with the guy. I’m sure that this will happen down the lane somewhere but right now this power is in Bai Xue’s hands.

Feelings are edging closer and my worries are growing more and more prominent! The drama is dropping hints that Ren Wei might fall for Jia En and this is something that I have been worried about quite early on. What is going to happen to his pursuit for Bai Xue if he falls for Jia En? He is just so hung up on Bai Xue that it just seems near impossible for him to have a change of hearts. IAGW is really putting me on edge toying with this possibility. It could come into play or it might not. It is a question of time though Ren Wei and Jia En’s relationship is definitely not something that happens overnight.  Continue reading

In A Good Way Episode 8 Written Preview

I am very happy knowing that Jia En and Liu Chuan aren’t going to publicly reveal the secret between them. I was hoping that they wouldn’t break that bond and so it just makes me so happy knowing that they are going to keep things as it is. Obviously things won’t be how they were but I love that they aren’t intensifying the situation but rather choosing to retain that bond between them. I am actually quite excited to see how they resolve their knowledge of each other, though I would imagine them easily trying to sink back as to how they were. They will try but deep down they will know that there are some things which cannot be reverted regardless of how hard they try because it will be better!

I am just loving they way things are heading for the secondary couples. The drama doesn’t exclude any of the characters and I just love the way their relationship is written in conjunction to the OTP. This makes me also anticipate them getting together. The written preview hints at Ren Wei seeing Jia En as more than just a best friend but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I just don’t want the relationship to get messy!

This ep is going to head down a historical route and like how I am excited to see how Jia En and Liu Chuan resolve their relationship, I am equally as excited to see how this plays into the story.  Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 13 Written Preview

Hmm, I’m not sure how I am supposed to feel about the upcoming ending. On one hand I am glad that this drama is coming to a closure but on the other I feel like there were still lots of aspects that weren’t fully developed. I like this drama, and I have made that quite clear throughout my recaps but there were so much more that the drama could have done! The drama was fixated on sculpting Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang)’s relationship that everything else was kicked to the side. So while the drama did reasonably well to build up their relationship, it failed to do for Shen Hai Lun/Helen and He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang)’s relationship. It was just flat and the drama only tried to introduce conflict for them two eps ago which is definitely not enough time for anything solid to happen. A great drama must know how to neatly intertwine different elements of the drama together but this did not happen here. I am glad that  Yi Kang and An Lei aren’t going to be fated with a rush ending but sadly Helen and Wei Ting have the unfortunate luck on this ending. It’s a good thing that the drama is quite short or else things could have really been draggy. Let’s see what ending the drama has in stall for us!  Continue reading