SOP Queen Episode 19 Recap

Naaaws, Tang Jun and Xiao Jie still both care about each other but can they are only pushing their feelings away. I am missing their cute interactions so much! This episode has definitely dropped from the previous episodes. There is more office politics which takes away from the happiness and liveliness of the previous episodes. Though I am glad that Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are able to interact professional, ahahaahhas. I do miss their interactions though.

Chu Chu comes and is worried to find Tang Jun in this state. She offers to take him home but he persists to continue working. Even the colleagues can see that Chu Chu likes Tang Jun. His team wonders what the other team has got off work so earlier.


Xiao Jie has just walked out of the locker room and sees Chu Chu and Tang Jun very sweet together and her face turns sour. Chu Chu offers to make Tang Jun some very rich food and he tells her that he might be too rich that’s why it caused his nose bleed. He tells her that she is like his mother causing a chasey game between the two.

Xiao Jie comes back to the office to hear the colleagues mentioning that Tang Jun had a nose bleed. She is about to call him but she decided against it since Chu Chu will be by his side. Tang Jun returns to his desk to find a can of coffee that is not from his colleagues…


Tang Jun holds a small meeting with his team. He asks them what their opinion towards designer brands are. Zeng Fan mentions that famous brands is her goal and if she doesn’t get it, she will feel really disappointed. Suo Suo says that she doesn’t shop much and doesn’t like designer brands either. She usually goes to supermarkets so she doesn’t have much to offer. He tells her that supermarket consumers and also consumers. She mentions that when she goes to supermarkets, she hopes that the supermarket can prepare all her groceries for her and that way she can save time and spend more of it looking after her son. She hopes that one day with a phone call away, the groceries will be delivered to her house. She can also just transfer money to the supermarket so that way when she arrives to the market, there will be no hassle.

Tang Jun really likes her idea; she mentioned an important point – service while Zeng Fan mentioned new products. If Golden Imperial Sea can put together all of the world’s designer brands and realise at the company, then they can make a very effective service project for their VIP members. Support, service, personal – combining these three points together will definitely be beneficial to the company. Chu Chu steps in and tells him to call this a ‘SSP Week’. If they release this project at the anniversary event, the event will certainly be successful. Suo Li mentions that this is a good idea but how will they get the brands to participate? Tang Jun assures them that he has lots of high school friends who will be willing to help him.

The idea is thought of so it is home time. Tang Jun decides to take a stroll and Chu Chu follows of course. She asks him why he is still unhappy when they have the idea. He tells her that if they win, then what will happen with the other team? She tells her that she will be able to get them jobs. She then asks him if he is worried about Xiao Jie. It was her who caused this situation to head this path. He tells her that he has responsibility for it too. He admits that he thought the proposal wasn’t perfect but he didn’t have the courage to speak up. He didn’t believe his team. He tells her that if they could have thought of the idea earlier, then this would not have occurred. She tells him to stop sticking up for Xiao Jie; the truth is that she betrayed the development team. Even if she loses, it is her fault. Furthermore, she  never cared about him. Holding the can of coffee, he tells Chu Chu that he thinks she is secretly caring about him. What can a can of coffee represent any way? She didn’t even have the chance to personally give it to him. Chu Chu tells him not to be soft, the whole team relies on him.


Xiao Jie is pleased with which brand the team leader wants to bring into the company. She asks him what he thinks about the company’s current brands. He tells her that the current brands are equal to a line of brands from for the future developments, he thinks that attract a new line of brands. Just exactly like her thinking and they will require good service too. In a flashback, Xiao Jie sees customer is making a hassle over an anti-aging cream when one Zeng Fan  tells the customer which one will be better for her. Xiao Jie mentions that Golden Imperial Sea does have room for improvement in their service department. So if they want to attract more brands, they need to up their service attitude. Xiao Jie suggests that they should they first attract big brands which has top of the line services. If they want to attract good brands they can also attract high income earners so their current performance can stay level. She tells them that she hasn’t been in Shanghai for long so she doesn’t know who the high income earners are. Suo Li tells her there is this card called the ‘black card’ and those who own it have a different spending habit from others. They will be higher than those VIP’s. Xiao Jie tells her to give her more detail about it.

It’s lunch and the team leader overhears Zeng Fan and Suo Suo talking about their plan and how they want to cooperate with an Italian brand.


An unhappy Xiao Jie who is working decides to call Jia Yi. Jia Yi asks her that since she got pregnant all she calls her about is to report sad news. She asks her what is it now, isn’t Tang Jun by her side? She explains that her trouble is Tang Jun. She tells her of the competition and says that when she sees Tang Jun at work she is unsure whether she so say hi to him, she wrote him an encouragement text but don’t know how to send it. Actually, she worries about him. Even though the old Tang Jun was far apart from her, but she can talk to him but she feels the Tang Jun right is very distant from her. Jia Yi tells her that Tang Jun must also be very troubled and can understand her pain. Xiao Jie tells her that this is her first time being tired; she doesn’t want to be the clearly demarcated Lin Xiao Jie any more. Jia Yi tells her to say what she likes to him, if she was Tang Jun she would be really happy. She tells her that if she genuinely wins, Tang Jun will be happy for her. Jia Yi tells her that after she has given birth, they should shopping in Seoul together. Seoul has a store that has released service that especially caters for foreigners exclusive communication channel. Ahhh, service. This gives Xiao Jie an idea and she is happy again.


Tang Jun and Chu Chu are recruiting some of their friends to cooperate with the plan.

Xiao Jie goes back to the office and the team leader tells her that he has a good idea that will help with their plan. So does Xiao Jie. She says she wants to use this event to create is as high income earners exclusive communication event. This will up the company’s service. The team leader is on the same line and shows her some of the information that he has gathered.

Tang Jun sends Chu Chu home and she invites her to say hello to her father. Her father mentions that she was supposed to have dinner with him but boyfriend is more important making is uneasy for Tang Jun. Chu Chu’s father doesn’t agree with the competition; Tang Jun gets the weaker team and tells him he will support her. Chu Chu’s father also says that he puts his family and business as his won so if he has any problems, he can find her.

The team leader shows Xiao Jie the Italian brands and tells her that they should not just focus on the performance for this event but actually put the brand and service as top priority. They can use brand names for their event to attract more people and if they can cooperate with this Italian brand, it will be beneficial to them. Xiao Jie says that if they can cooperate with this brand, it will give people a luxurious and elegant style. This perfectly fits their plan and gives people the service. The team leader has even thought of a name for this – SSP (Super, service and personal). Xiao Jie really likes this and praises the team leader for his good work.

Tang Jun walks past and he and Xiao Jie have a secretive conversation where they air ask each other why they are still here so late for.


Xiao Jie messages Tang Jun “Mr. Tom, press on”. He smiles at her message.


Since he is busy, she decides to leave. Tang Jun has finally finished his work and goes to Xiao Jie’s desk to discover that she has already left. Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are both wandering the streets. Tang Jun and Xiao Jie miss each other by a second. Tang Jun sees the same Peter Rabbit that he gave to Xiao Jie and asks it if he is really a fool. Tomorrow is the competition yet his heart is constantly thinking about her. He actually smiles as he says this.


My Opinion:

I enjoyed this episode but it’s just that there was too much office politics. I liked it but I found that the office politics dragged the story away from the main point. Ehehehehe, there’s not much to say. I just didn’t really like the amount of office politics in this…

Ommmggg, I this is not good for the next ep. It is going to cause a turmoil in the plot isn’t it? And I thought the team leader was a nice guy…

Why can’t Tang Jun read Chu Chu? Her feelings for him is so obvious. Ahahaahhas

At least the Tang Jun-Xiao Jie relationship is still here. Even though Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are on two different sides, they still maintain the relationship with each other. They still both care for each over and still have that spark with each other. How cute was it when Tang Jun smiled at her e-mail!?

Not much to say about this ep really… Next ep is really going to kick in; it’s competition time!


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