Lovesick Synopsis

I know. I am outdated. Yeahhhhhh, about half a year outdated. LOL


How I have missed seeing Ariel and Bolin’s chemistry together! ❤ They just rock it. I can’t wait to see them together once again when I watch this after I finish writing this synopsis. I actually found out about this movie while was watching In Time With You but I just never got around to watching it…until now. Surprising, this rom-com was filmed way before ITWY but was released during the broadcasting of ITWY. Hmmm…maybe this was where they got their chemistry for ITWY from or maybe it was already there. 😉

Tina Liang/Liang Ruo Qing (Ariel Lin) is just that ordinary  girl who has great expectations towards love. However, that all changed when her high school ex-boyfriend, Aaron (Li Yin Feng – remember him from Happy & Love Forever, Sunny Happiness and Happy Michelin Kitchen?)  broke her heart. This affected  her greatly that she made a vow to never fall in love again and thus gaining the ‘love phobia’.

However, fate works its way around for her to meet the handsome and talented doctor, Brandon Lu/Lu Zhe Han (Bolin Chen), who seems like the world’s most perfect guy. All women melt the instant they see him. Perfect? She starts her journey to prove that he is not the perfect guy that he is and to avoid the women from falling into his sweet trap.

However, as she uses her method to expose him, they all seem to backfire.

Fate plays a trick on her because the more she does to uncover that he is imperfect, the more she comes to realise that he may be the right guy for her – the one to cure her love phobia.

Will he be able to cure her love phobia?

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