Love Around Episode 18 Recap

My frustration with this drama continues to flurry. Urghhhh! It just shocks me with how crap this drama can continue to get. And here we go again, except this time we are on the other end of the circle. But it is still a circle we are going in. This time around Zhou Zhen decides that he shouldn’t push Xiao Shu away any more because this will only hurt him and her. So now he decides this after spending about 9 eps pushing her away!? Well, after intervention from numerous people he finally realises this fact! Urgh. I would be glad when this drama comes to an end in two weeks but I am getting really worried because the follow-up drama is still yet to be announced.

Another bland and boring ep. I am really disliking this circle that we keep going around in because there is nothing new nor interesting about it. The same ideas are being reused again and again and worse of all is that it is a push or pull relationship between the OTP. One minute they are all lovey-dovey with each other and the next they push each other away because they think that this will be better for each other. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This drama is heightening up my anger over a drama that I am not even remotely enjoying. 

Xiao Shu gives her father the cold shoulder and even intentionally arrives home late. However, her mother tells her that the decisions that her father makes is best for their well-being. Xiao Shu is unsure of how to face her father any more after knowing the truth.

Daddy Zhou accidentally eavesdrops on Zhou Zhen phoning Pei Ni regarding how Xiao Shu is holding up. He realises that Zhou Zhen still loves Xiao Shu very much.

Xiao Shu dishes out her problems with Zhe Xuan. She asks him what would he do if he had a person who was very close to him and then he discovered that they have been keeping a secret from them all along. Zhe Xuan tells her that although the person being deceived might feel upset, the person keeping the secret will feel even worse. So she can either confront them or just pretend that nothing ever happened.

Daddy Liang gets a call and immediately rushes out. He falls down the stairs while making the urgent run. Luckily Mummy Liang and Xiao Shu arrived just in time to help him up. They learn that he was in such a rush because the call he received told him that Xiao Shu was kidnapped.

Daddy Zhou finds Xiao Shu for a talk. He tells her that Zhou Zhen did not want to break up with her. It was him who wronged her family, Zhou Zhen should not have to take the blunt of the pain he caused. Xiao Shu tells him that she knows the whole truth and thanks him for not letting her father bear the mistake he made and allowing her to grow up in a complete family. She promises to have a talk with Zhou Zhen.

Daddy Zhou tells Zhou Zhen that Xiao Shu knows the truth and is actually a stronger girl than they think. He apologises for the toll on him for his mistakes.

Qian Qian is on set for a special radio program. Xiao Shu agrees to allow Pen Ni to bring Qian Qian to the station so she can take care of Qian Qian and work at the same time.

Xiao Shu brings the grizzly bear to visit her brother’s grave. She tells him of Qian Qian’s determination to grow up because she wants to be brave like the grizzly bear. She remembers that when he was little he had a white bear that he would sleep with every night and she would hide it. She would be happy to see he worried about it. Even though they only knew each other for 10 short years but she really loves him. She tells him not to blame their father and apologises for not protecting him. Their father really loves him.

Zhou Zhen gets a call from Xiao Shu to meet. She takes him to the riverside where he previously took her on their outing with Qian Qian. She tells him how painful to was to recollect her past memories. He apologises but she tells him that this is not his fault. Even though this is situation is not ideal but at least it has resolved itself. She asks him for more time in their relationship; she will make it work.  She tells him not to give up because she never has. Just as she goes to take his hand, he gets a call from Pin Ying asking to meet.

She discusses with him about heading overseas for treatment. She asks him why he went to find her doctor. He tells her that it is because of her watch. She tells him that when she pushed him away it because she did not feel that love was powerful enough. If she has a second chance she would choose not to give up. That lights up something in Zhou Zhen.

“Mr. J” calls into the station and apologises to “Miss. L”. He thought that by carrying all the burdens she would be happy but he forgot that love is between two people. He should not give up on love so from today onwards he is going to face all challenges ahead no matter how difficult they are. He walks into the station and dedicates the song that she previously sang to him, I Love You, back to her.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu make amends and seal it with a kiss.


My Opinion:

The thing that just doesn’t gel for this drama is that the OTP aren’t strong in any aspect, not in their chemistry and neither in the character. Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu lack hold in their relationship. They need intervention from outsiders in other for their relationship to progress. Even when they began their relationship, it was from other people pushing them forward that they were able to do so. People were telling them what to do and how to do it. They never got the opportunity to show that they are taking things into their own hands. And the chemistry between Annie Chen and George Hu is really lacking. I really thought that they would have some sizzling fire between them but there is none of that. This is really disappointing because I know that these two have great chemistry in RL. It’s even more disappointing to know that they had that sizzling chemistry in their previous drama, Love, Now but it is not here in this drama.

Another thing that doesn’t work for the drama is the whole accident that caused this tension between the Liang and Zhou family. Like, seriously!? This is the truth? So I spent 18 eps only to get to this point. Wow, that was totally not worth it. You would think that the drama surrounding this issue with have a better explanation but it just boils down to Daddy Liang being the bad guy. For him who is represented as a loving husband and father, this just does not fit his character.

There is a lot of useless characters who are getting a large amount of screen time except they do nothing to help the plot move. Basically I find everyone here useless. The drama would probably be better off without any characters. But honestly, a bunch of people are having screen time just to fill up the drama eps. Pei Ni is only of those very useless characters. I did not even understand why she even had to appear in the drama. Actually I can, because the drama has time to fill and they can’t really break apart the OTP’s relationship any further.

I just hope that this all ends soon. There better not be an extension! Just two more weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 18 Recap

  1. evw October 19, 2013 at 11:05 am Reply

    I completely agree with your assessment of the OTP chemistry. It truly is lacking. This is not the same couple from Love, Now. I believe it may be because the initial attraction between the pair has cooled. The most disappointing thing about this drama is that it could’ve stopped around episode 14 (whenever the drama between XS & ZZ’s father was resolved) and it would have went down as a simple, sweet little drama. Unfortunately, it didn’t and it is now incredibly disjointed and I feel I’ve been hoodwinked.

  2. Justine Wen October 28, 2013 at 2:06 pm Reply

    I have a question about a drama.
    I skipped a huge chunk of the show. Can you tell me why they broke up and what exactly her dad did?
    BTW… love this blog.

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