In A Good Way Episode 19 Written Preview

^Hi there Momo, I’ve missed seeing you around!

Friday’s finally here and I am so glad for its arrival. It’s the end of a school week and time for my weekly dose of In A Good Way – something that I have been craving for all week, especially with the tease that the lovebirds have been giving. I can’t believe that the journey with IAGW is nearing the end already! I am going to be very sad to have nothing to look forward to on my weekends but I guess you have to make the most of what you have while it is here at your hands. The lovebirds recently went down to Hong Kong for a special date (and work purposes) and it just way way way too cute! And tonight we are going to get more cuteness! Yes, a kiss is on the coming and that is seriously going to be waaaaay too sweet for me considering the sweetness that they have been giving off this week.

Ha. So that’s why Jia En is resulting to non-proven methods to test for her one true love! When you’re in love, even the most insensible things to do makes sense to you! One thing that I have mentioned before that I love about this drama is how it incorporates the calendar into its happenings, allowing our characters to grow in accordance to certain festive seasons. This is something that something most dramas miss out on while IAGW does an exceptional job on. It lets this be the backdrop to letting the characters tackle different obstacles and as such, it further accentuates their already well developed personalities. Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming for the lovebirds and I expect to see lots of love coming from them!

Written Preview:

Your romance facing is difficulty? You do not know what the other person is thinking? Tracy invites everyone to do a psychology quiz which can easily give an insight to one another. Jia En, who is feeling uneasy, brings the quiz up to Liu Chuan but what will his response be?

The ghost month is approaching as is the romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day. Jacky and Ah Di discover that the numbers along the border of the painting are actually dates. The news headlines from these dates are all of a strange disappearance story. Liu Chuan remembers that before his grandfather was teaching him about treasure hunting, his grandfather disappeared for a while. Will Liu Chuan be able to discover the hidden secret?

A series of strange events occurs. Momo barks at nothing in particular and Ah Qing who has been sending daily apologies to Tracy suddenly stops. Jia En and her father get fascinated by a television program about shuttling to the other world. Rumours has it that when a girl in red appears behind you, you will suffer bad luck! On a dark and stormy night, Jia En sees…

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