In A Good Way Episode 24 Video Preview

Holidays are over for me and that means lots of homework and back to my hectic days. 😦 Luckily I have dramas right by my side to keep me sane and seeing the In A Good Way gang just always manages to bring a smile on my face. IAGW is set to end sometime soon but its episode count keeps getting readjusted. It is now currently set to end at 26 eps but last time I checked it was 25 eps. As much as I would love for IAGW to go on forever, it is evident that IAGW is slowly deviating off into a different direction and slowing down in its pacing. Its been an amazing drama and one thing that I do not want it to do is fall backwards when it is so close to the finish line.

Family plays an important role in everyone’s lives and regardless of the distant that you have with your family, it is not a relationship that you can just break off. You can try but it doesn’t matter how hard you try to do so because in the end, it is an unbreakable bond that has been in existence ever since birth. Liu Chuan might not agree with his father’s way of doing things but it is a fact that his father is a part of his life and this is not something that he can wipe away. It is a fact that his father has played an important role in shaping who he is and now that he is preparing for his future he can’t dodge the fact that his father is Liu Song Heng. With that comes judgement and that is not something that he can face alone. Luckily he doesn’t have to because he has Jia En by his side who will stick through anything thick and thin! To her, Liu Chuan is merely just Liu Chuan and nothing else about him matters. It doesn’t matter that his father is Liu Song Heng because she loves him for being him and that is all that really matters to her. She will be there to be the shoulder for him to lean on and the pillow to cry on. And together they will be able to conquer anything in their paths!

Daddy Liu: What I personally value the most will forever be land reform. I need to make sure that I see this in the long term aspects. This way, I can make the best use out of every piece of land. Citizens will thereby achieve happiness.

Students: He looks very innocent upfront but who knows of the misdeeds that he does in the back.

Lin Jia En: I only know that I really miss you and really want to be by your side.

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