Say Again Yes I Do Ready to Take Over Fall in Love with Me

Say Again Yes I Do During these past two years, SETTV has been inundated with a really bad Sunday-night drama line-up. All dramas after the popular Miss Rose went down as crazy and illogical. King Flower was actually quite decent and one that I enjoyed but not only was there a ludicrous makeover but also down the track there was a male lead switcheroo and well, that doesn’t quite fit your typical drama format (well, IMO anyways). Then came Love Around which was sane, but oh-so-bland and boring! After that came the trainwreck that was Déjà Vu and then we had the half-way-second-male-lead-switheroo-plus-psychologically-impaired-mess of Fall in Love with Me. These dramas were mess after mess, wreckage after wreckage and crazy after crazy. I’m just hoping that the follow-up drama Say Again Yes I Do (AKA I Do²) does not follow this horrible, horrible fate of its predecessors. Dearest Drama Gods, Can we just have one decent drama that does not head down this atrocious trajectory, pretty please?

Say Again Yes I Do Rekindling of love after a marriage breakdown seems to be the new trend this year. After the popularity in Korea with Emergency CoupleSly and Single Again and the currently-airing remake of Taiwan’s very own Fated to Love You, the trend has decided to recycle itself back into Taiwan. Lin Yo Wei (Two Fathers) will be playing Xiang Zheng Yang, a heir to Donghua Hotel while Mandy Wei (Déjà Vu) will be playing Shun Xin Kui, a foolish woman with a disorderly life. The two walked down the altar after having only dated for two months and that also lead to a quickie divorce. But they run into each other once again and fall for each other yet again.

Say Again Yes I Do Rounding up the cast are Vivi Lee (Fabulous 30) and Michael Zhang (A Hint of You) who will be playing a pair of almost-walked-down-the-altar couple. Vivi will be playing Ge Qian Qian, a headstrong and pertinacious woman who stood up Michael’s character Ji Shi Yu without any explanation. This left him emotionally scarred and closed from the people around him. So this is about both couples finding love with one another again huh?

SAYID held its press conference and I was just in bewilderment seeing our leading lady. Her entire attire was just a no-no for me. Someone needs to fire her stylist, I mean, unless this is the look they want to go for… I just cannot visually comprehend what personality they (whoever it is who styled Mandy p like this) are trying to evoke in Mandy’s character with her short blunt chop and short, white, mesh dress. The hair makes her look older than she really is and the dress is too young for her. I just don’t know what is going on… I’m hoping that the drama does better, much better than this because there are some really talented people here and it would be a waste to see this talent flow down the drain. We’ll I’ll just be steering clear of SETTV Sunday night dramas for a while.

Check out the press conference below. (:

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