Hit TW-Drama In Time With You Gets a Korean Remake

In Time With YouI woke up to some very interesting news with the hit TW-drama In Time With You getting a remake in Korea. I’m not surprised in the least and saw it coming after the successful remakes of Fated to Love You and My Queen. ITWY was not just a hit in its home country but it was also very popular in Japan and Korea when it aired so it would be a no-brainer to remake this drama. I Will Media will be behind the remake of this drama and it is slated for a broadcast date in the later half of 2015.

In Time With You In Time With YouITWY tells the story of a 14 year long friendship between Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) which blossomed into romance. This drama was a success all round; it achieved high ratings and took home seven awards at the year’s annual Golden Bell Awards, including a Best Actor win for Bolin and a second Best Actress win for Ariel. Additionally, it also rocketed Bolin to a new level of stardom, taking him out of his usual indie movie roles and making him the Da Ren Ge that all girls envy to have in their lives. I really enjoyed the drama in all aspects but it was really the writing that allowed the drama to achieve the success that it did. This remake will follow the original closely with minimal changes.

In Time With YouWhile the writing was amazing, the drama wouldn’t have worked as well as it did if it wasn’t for Ariel and Bolin’s incredible chemistry together. It is going to be a tough find to find two people who share a chemistry as great as Ariel and Bolin’s. They’ve also got to have the acting chops too. Ariel and Bolin are both great actors who gave their respective characters dimension and depth. Screenwriter Mag Hsu wants Jo Ji Sub or Gong Yoo to play Da Ren and Jeon Ji Hyun  or Jung Yu Mi to play You Qing. The cast it unknown yet but it is going to be an incredibly hard job to find the right actors for the roles. In my heart, ITWY is one of the best dramas out there and I don’t think any remake no matter how great the actors are can do it justice, but I am excited to see the remake.

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8 thoughts on “Hit TW-Drama In Time With You Gets a Korean Remake

  1. lifewithdramas December 23, 2014 at 2:06 pm Reply

    Unfortunately, i am questioning everything about this remake. I don’t think i’ll be checking it out….. :/

    • misscupcakees December 23, 2014 at 2:08 pm Reply

      Ahahaha, that happens with remake! I don’t think they can do better than the Ariel and Bolin coupling no matter how they try but I will still check it out, maybe. 😛

      • lifewithdramas December 23, 2014 at 2:11 pm

        True. Ariel and Bolin were sizzling with chemistry. And ITWY also started my fangirliing over Bolin lol.

      • misscupcakees December 23, 2014 at 2:13 pm

        Ahahaha! 😛 No one can do better than them, trust. Damn, now I want to re-watch ITWY!

  2. carolies541 December 23, 2014 at 4:39 pm Reply

    The original drama was pretty good but a bit overrated in my humble opinion, haha! Maybe I just prefer Mag Hsu’s other dramas like Mars, An Innocent Mistake and Story of Time.

    I don’t watch Korean dramas that are remakes of Taiwanese dramas, I skipped Witch’s romance, FTLY and I’ll probably be skipping this too unless the cast is able to spark my interest. As I’m familiar with the story, I don’t think I have the patience to watch a drama with similar plot one more time.

    • misscupcakees December 23, 2014 at 8:52 pm Reply

      Mag Hsu! That’s her English name that I was trying to remember! Ahahaha, that’s probably true but I loved it!

      It’s alright, new cast and new take.

    • heisui December 24, 2014 at 8:22 am Reply

      I agree it was kinda overrated. I remember some parts got draggy. Also agree with misscupcakees that it was the chemistry of the OTP that really made the drama.

      • misscupcakees December 24, 2014 at 8:25 am

        Yeaahh, it’s going to be hard to find two people who can have the same chemistry as Ariel and Bolin.

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