Ella Koon and Hubby Announces Pregnancy

1I love writing about happy news because every one deserves happiness and there is nothing better than to share the happiness around. Recently, the Chinese-entertainment industry has been plagued with pregnancy news and today there is another one to add to that plague. Hong Kong singer-actor Ella Koon dropped that she is pregnant with her doctor hubby Juan-Domingo Maurellet‘s first child. The two met through speed-dating back in 2009, got engaged in November last year and got married in February of this year. The two dropped with announcement on Weibo with the caption “We would like to share this exciting news . . . JE SUIS ENCEINTE! ?? 我们要宣布 . . . 我怀孕了! 这是上天赐给我们最好的礼物!感恩!” accompanied with the picture (above) of Ella smiling ever so brightly with a Scrabble board spelling out the words “I am pregnant”. This pregnancy was unexpected for the couple and threw Ella’s work schedule into chaos. Scheduled to release a new album later this year, she will be pushing it back and she will be easing off her workload in preparation for the arrive of her bub. At 36 years old (she doesn’t look like it), she has always been quite worried about being a high-risk mother and is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that her bub arrives safely. 

I first came across Ella when I saw her in Survivor II and have adored her since. She is such a down-to-earth person and I just love how kind and friendly she is. She even has her own beauty Youtube channel, which although isn’t frequently updated, shows of the kind personality she has. Wishing her and her hubby the very best of this pregnancy journey!


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One thought on “Ella Koon and Hubby Announces Pregnancy

  1. piebokou April 18, 2015 at 10:21 pm Reply

    Congrast to them.

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