Chris Wang Becomes a Father to an Adorable Baby Girl

3It’s baby news all around Taiwan because that seems to be the thing lately. Chris Wang is officially a father to a baby girl with his former manager-fiancée Xiao Xian. The two have been in a relationship for quite a while but kept denying that there was anything going on between them until pictures of them surfaced last year but gave them the push to admit to their relationship. It was only a case of time with their precious creation. The parents are extremely ecstatic to this new addition to their life and who wouldn’t be with this cute bundle of joy? Chris posted on Facebook a picture of him and his fiancée holding onto their baby’s hand in announcement of the arrival of their baby.



Despite being a new father, Chris still found time to attend a promotional event for his hit drama The Fierce Wife which will be officially aired internationally in a number of countries. This was the drama that really rocketed Chris to his current stardom. He got to reunite with his fellow co-stars James WenSonia Sui and Amanda Chu who, since the conclusion of The Fierce Wife, have found their other have and James, Amanda and now Chris have even started their own families. They cast are all really joyous with their current stage in life. Maybe they can all share some parenting/marriage tips with one another.



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