My Opinion on Marry Me, or Not?

Marry Me Or NotI actually had a review written up for Marry Me, or Not? but when I went back to continue with it, I realised that I had accidentally deleted the file. Whoops! Silly me! But it’s all good, there’s no point in stressing over something that cannot be recovered so here I am re-writing my thoughts for this drama. This is one of the best idol dramas that I have seen in a while. It’s a good thing that this drama was amazing to watch because otherwise I’m not sure how I would have been able to rewrite another review. This drama was very enjoyable to watch and was a visual treat to the eyes in terms of all the sparks that flew about on-screen. There was just something about it that tugged on my heartstrings and it was that tugging of the heartstrings that made me love it so much.


20This drama reunited Roy Qiu and Alice Ke from their ratings hit Office Girls but this time instead of a cute and innocent romance fare, the two had a sexy and exhilarating romance trajectory. I love watching them on-screen and they still have the same sparks, if not more, with each other. Whether it be the cute and innocent love from OG or the sexy and exhilarating romance here, Roy and Alice have got all grounds covered. Roy was brilliant as the mature and ever self-discovering divorce lawyer Hao Meng “Justin” and Alice was amazing portraying the “bitchy”, love-searching character that was Cai Huan Zhen “Huan Huan”. The two are people who don’t see eye-to-eye with each other but the more the learn about each other, the more their relationship fosters and the more they realise that there really is no doubt that the are the one they each must marry.

18Their relationship initially was of one where they were at odds with each other, with neither of them viewing each other as a suitable partner. However, the more time they spent with each other, the more that they realised how they shared similar thoughts in life and how they were able to balance out each other in such a way that never made sense to them prior to their relationship with each other. Their relationship started off because of a grudge between Huan Huan and her ex-best friend/Justin’s younger sister, Hao Sheng Nan (Joanne Tseng) and little did the two ladies know that they would have such little degree of separation between them years after the break-up of their friendship. Huan Huan was in the stage of getting married to the siblings’ distance cousin, Lin Shu Hong (Danny Liang), (destined to have an intertwined relationship right from the beginning, ha!) and of course Sheng Nan had to one better her by showing off her hot lawyer “boyfriend”, Justin. Huan Huan’s marriage did not work out and wanted to get revenge on Sheng Nan by stealing her boyfriend while Justin agreed to their “contract” relationship because he did not want his mother to constantly nag him to get married as she was the type of girl least in his mother’s favour. Who would have known that this premeditated relationship was anything but and instead produce such a positive outcome?

What I really loved about them as a couple was how they were able to grow with each other and complement each other in such a way that brings on a very bright light to their relationship. It was just so nice to see them come together and experience so much with each other, allowing the both of them to understand themselves and each other better. Some of the actions Huan Huan takes hurts her but she does it because she loves Justin and only wants the best for him and I love that Justin completely gets her and can see why she chooses to take those actions. Their relationship is something quite hard to express in words; it’s something that can only be seen to be able to understand it. Their romance is just so perfectly written, just beautiful in every way possible.

Huan Huan is a very interesting character. She is very strong-willed with what she wants and is very determined in chasing after her dreams and she will protect those she loves most even when it hurts her. We get to see all of these various characteristics of her through the way she chooses to handle these situations. She chose to keep what she knew in her heart of all these years and have Sheng Nan misunderstand her rather than spill Sheng Na’s image of the man of her dreams being the perfect guy. Huan Huan is very independent and diligent; she puts in all her heart in all that she does and I guess that whole persona of her can make some her appear as a scary and unapproachable person. Despite that, Huan Huan also has a soft side to her, especially since meeting Justin who has taught her that there is so much to live and so much to love.

Justin was once a man who was not fond of love or marriage but Huan Huan completely changed his views. Her existence in his life was everything that he was lacking prior to meeting her. She taught him what love is and showed him what it feels like to be in life. Having seen the marriage wrecks of his parents, he was very resilient to entering into a relationship lest it ends up like his parents but with Huan Huan he knows that their relationship will be anything but. He just came to fall in love with her and wants to protect her from all the bad out there, yet he never intrudes on her life.


Sheng Nan shares a very similar personality with Huan Huan but it’s not as bold as hers. Sheng Nan is, too, a strong, independent woman but she is someone who is very soft at the heart, which I guess is one of the reasons why Huan Huan let her misunderstand all these years. Sheng Nan and Huan Huan might be in a bitch fight with one another but deep down she still cares a lot about Huan Huan and wants her to be happy. Sheng Nan is a quite an emotionally-attached person, so losing her best friend was something that really broke her heart and I guess that was something that stimulated her put on that brave face whenever faced with Huan Huan. Sheng Nan may be an emotionally-attached person but I love that she is very rational with all the decisions that she makes.

13If there was any one major letdown from the drama that I can name from the top of my head it would have to be second male lead Jiang Qian Yao, played by Harry Chang. His character was underutilised and practically a waste of screentime. He was just there to create a wedge for Huan Huan and her relationships with Justin and Sheng Nan. However, I felt like the drama didn’t really integrate his character into the drama. He was introduced very late into the drama and just played his wedge role and that was it. As a result, the problem with his character was that he was underdeveloped. There is not much write about his character; his character is quite two-dimensional and just quite dull. But that was alright because I couldn’t care less about him, lol.

10He is a guy not worthy of Sheng Nan and luckily the drama did not try to push the two together. This was something that I really loved of the drama, going to show that not every couple has to end up together to have happy endings. For Qian Yao, one really questions whether he truly had feelings for Sheng Nan or whether he was just merely using her for his own ulterior motives. Sheng Nan did have feelings attached for him, but she is much better off without him. Her life is happier and she is a happier person and that is a much better conclusion than if the drama pushed them together.

This goes to show just how thoughtful the writing of the drama is. The writing of this drama is one of the best that I have encountered from Taiwan in quite a while. The drama is perfectly planned out from the beginning with a series of events that evolved in such a way that was enough to give the drama drama, but at the same time keeping the drama very real and down-to-earth. Majority of the characters were all nicely developed and worked so well alongside the storyline and the pacing of the drama was just beautiful. There were certain parts that dragged out towards the end but it was nothing too draggy and the conflicts that came through all made sense and were resolved in a very reasonable way. I absolutely adored the drama and the OTP, and what a beautiful ending that was! So so so beautifully executed!


Click here to watch Marry Me, or Not?.


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3 thoughts on “My Opinion on Marry Me, or Not?

  1. kfangurl February 26, 2016 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Sorry to hear you lost your initial draft, that’s any blogger’s nightmare! >.< Kudos to you, for rewriting it, and making it a pretty robust one, at that! 😀

    I never thought I'd say this, but lately I've been adding chinese dramas to my drama plate, first with C-drama Nirvana in Fire, and then more recently, TW-drama Bromance. I think I could get used to this, so.. your positive response to Marry Me Or Not has intrigued me. I'm adding this to my list, thanks misscupcakees! ❤

    • misscupcakees February 26, 2016 at 2:34 pm Reply

      Ahaha, it was my fault though but all good now that I’ve finished the post.

      I never thought I’d hear you say that! I remember you telling me you only watch Korean dramas!

      Hehe, you should definitely watch this drama (: It’s pretty good.

      • kfangurl February 26, 2016 at 6:57 pm

        Yeah, I did used to watch only Korean dramas, with the very occasional Japanese drama thrown in for good measure. Lately though, I’ve finally begun to enjoy chinese dramas. NIF legit blew me away, and effectively made me a lot more curious about chinese dramas in general. I’m far from actually following the C and TW scene, but I’m definitely being more inquisitive!

        I’ve added Marry Me or Not to my collection, and will make time to check it out for sure! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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