SOP Queen Episode 25 Recap

Naaawws, poor Tang Jun and Xiao Jie. Tang Jun is trying to keep his distance from her while she has decided that she wants him by her side. Clearly, these two have the worst timing ever! Why is everyone so unhappy?

Zi Qi is trying to enjoy his date for the sake of his paparazzi stalkers. Zi Qi and his date are in his car watching over the Taipei scenery in the exact situation when he was with Ji Qing which makes him recall his time with Ji Qing. He then goes to kiss his date but pulls back when he discovers the paparazzi.


The next day Tian Tian shows his boss a news article about how Zi Qi secretly dismisses and replaces Ji Qing. He hardly even takes a look at it and asks Tian Tian if he has prepared the contract for Ji Qing to sign yet. He says that her decision not to sign yesterday was correct but today they will wait and see who is the correct party here. He also tells Tian Tian to call Ji Qing now when she has woken up and is reading the newspaper while eating her breakfast. 

Just in time too, a frustrated Ji Qing calls Tian Tian asking to speak to Zi Qi. She tells him she will sign the contract.


It’s lunch time and Xiao Jie looks over at Tang Jun’s desk to see him not there leaving her disappointed. It turns out he is out at lunch with Chu Chu who is enthusiastically excited that he is sharing lunch with her. She tells him that he has been so busy recently and doesn’t care about her. He tells her that he actually does care about her. She asks him about his mother and says that because of the busy work she hasn’t been able to visit her. His mother puts her as family so she doesn’t know if she will blame her. He tells her certainly not, if his mother knew all the effort she put into the company  she would be very pleased. She suggest that they find a time to visit his mother together. She then passes him some chicken and explains that she is on a diet. His phone rings and it is Xiao Jie but he doesn’t pick it up. She asks him why he isn’t picking up but he avoids the question by passing her some chicken, telling her to eat more because it doesn’t what what photo she takes, she will still be pretty. Xiao Jie is sadden that he isn’t picking up her calls.

Tang Mi has a special mission for Xiao Jie – for her to go to Taipei to work on the Haiyue-Golden Imperial Sea jewellery cooperation since she has had experience with all three companies so she will be the most suitable candidate. Xiao Jie wearily accepts this mission and thanks her for acknowledging her abilities. Tang Mi tells her that on work purposes she does not doubt her ability but she isn’t sure whether she can face the Gao family. Xiao Jie assures her that she won’t let her personal life affect her work life. When Xiao Jie leaves, Tang Mi has a quiet hope that Xiao Jie really won’t be affected by it.

Xiao Jie is at a convenience store and picks up a can of beer recalling her first encounter with Zi Qi. She then thinks of Tang Mi’s words and puts the can down instead. Suo Suo who is also at the store spots Xiao Jie and is surprised to see her shopping there.

Suo Suo and Xiao Jie are walking the streets when she tells Xiao Jie that she actually really admires her. She is really powerful coming to Shanghai alone and is so successful in her career. She says that before she got married, work was never her priority, only love was. She explains the past her was too noble and virtuous and because of this she lost the person she loved. If that time she could bravely say her heart’s words, things wouldn’t be this way. Xiao Jie asks her how this person is. Suo Suo tells her that he married her district’s grocery store’s boss’ daughter and even have two children together. She tells her that she saw him recently and he isn’t all that well. Xiao Jie asks her aren’t they separated for a long time already, why do they seem so close? She explains that he does business in her district. They see each other almost everyday but they both have their separate families and that is their impossible distance. Even though they have loved each other, they can only be each other’s good neighbour now. Sometimes she really wants to tell him that she misses him but she can only ask him about his life. Xiao Jie tells her that seeing someone they love with someone else no matter if they are happy or not you will still feel uncomfortable. Suo Suo advises her that she must brace this chance to chase after her own happiness.

She looks up skyscraper across the road that reads ‘tomorrow will be better’ and recalls the message from the window of the church that she and Adam went to, her realisation that Tom is Tang Jun, her time with Tang Jun is England, show she ran to his side in Shanghai and how she met Tang Jun by the sea side.

One of Haiyue’s workers, Anna, are excited to meet Tang Jun next week and compares him to be the second Zi Qi. He didn’t enter the company for long yet he has created a successful project. Haiyue are holding a meeting conference and Zi Qi is shocked to see Xiao Jie here as Golden Imperial Sea’s representative. Okay, not just Zi Qi but everyone else as well. They are more surprised that she is Golden Imperial Sea’s manager for this project. They are even more curious if Zi Qi and Xiao Jie will have a chance of rekindling. They even decide to get the two together because they feel that Ji Qing was the couple’s stepping stone.

Tang Jun is fuming over his sister for sending Xiao Jie over there. She explains to him that for work purposes, Xiao Jie understands Haiyue the most and has connections in Taipei while for private purposes, board member Zeng wants him to be together with Chu Chu and is constantly looking for Xiao Jie for trouble so by sending her to Taipei, it will divert board member Zeng’s attention else where so this is all actually to protect Xiao Jie.  He apologises and she tells him that he is her little brother so she will protect those who he wants to protect. (Naaawwwws!)

She has a headache and he goes to massage her asking her to move back home. He can help her lighten her workload. She smiles. (Okay, this was sweet.)

Of course Zi Qi bombards Xiao Jie with a bunch of questions. She tells him that part of her reason for going to Golden Imperial Sea was for Tang Jun but for a bigger part it was for herself. She asks him why he paid for her and he tries to say bubbly that she discovered it so no wonder the check was sent back. He asks her why Jia Yi never told him about her situation and she tells him that she told Jia Yi not to tell him anything about her. Aren’t they friends? She apologises and admits that facing him is difficult. He tells her that he still cares about her and she tells him not to because she is living very well. Oh, he can see this. She tells him that she is happy for his progress with Ji Qing but he explains that they are only friends. He invites her for dinner and I’m sure she would have declined it if it was a personal invite but he tells her that it is a work invite.

Tang Jun and Uncle Zhao is glad that Tang Mi has moved back. Just look at the dinner! Ahahaha, who comes to gatecrash? Chu Chu! Looking at Chu Chu and Tang Jun together, Tang Mi recalls Uncle Zeng’s words about how the two are most suitable together and how Tang Jun is not willing to give up his feelings.

Guess who Xiao Jie has bought over? Peter Rabbit. She tells her rabbit that Tang Jun has been acting strange recently which Peter Rabbit agrees to. And guess who has come over for a sleepover? Her best friend, Jia Yi! Meanwhile, the Tang household is lively.

Jia Yi tells Xiao Jie that in this time period, Zi Qi always brought customers to her store helping them a lot. She also tells her how Zi Qi sent her to the hospital one time so she must thank Zi Qi for her. She then asks her if work has been really busy. Xiao Jie tells her that work may be busy but on the contrary, it is a happy thing. If she could work overtime, she will work overtime because she doesn’t want to return to her empty house. If she is really really tired, she would go to her room and immediately fall asleep and then wake up and go to work. This is her daily days, this way time will go by quickly and she won’t have thoughts about wanting to come back. Jia Yi tells her that she can come back any time. She tells Jia Yi that she feels that the most difficult time has already past so she can’t give up now. Sometimes on the weekend she will see lots of people and don’t know where to go because even when she goes to eat it is seats for two or four people. Jia Yi tells her that she doesn’t reply to her so she thought she was living very well. Xiao Jie tells her that she just want to have someone to rely on or else she would really want to give up. Jia Yi tells her that no matter what happens in the future she must immediately contact her.


My Opinion:

Oh, how cute are these siblings? They never appealed to me as a sibling couple but now they do. Ahahaha! I loved the scene where Tang Jun massaged her and then she looked up at his eyes. That was very sweet and very cute. (: Tang Jun genuinely does care about his sister. It’s just that he didn’t know how to overcome himself to realise this. Now that with everything that has been happening, and how she has helped him in more than one way he finally realises that his sister does care about him.

Everyone has changed, even Tang Mi. At first I really wondered what she is trying to do. She kicked her own brother out of the company and they even had heated arguments about what to do. I thought that she was the bad sister but now she is a good sister. She did all that to Tang Jun to help him, to change him and to mature him. You can see it that she just wants to help him. (:

Why is Zi Qi so depressed lately? Goshh, I miss his happy cheery face. These days he looks so cold and distant. I have to praise Godfrey Gao for this. His expressions are spot on right now. His character is cold and distant because of what happened and Godfrey is doing a good job portraying these emotions.

Naaaawws, Xiao Jie! Poor her! When she wants Tang Jun she can’t get him. Don’t be so depressed!

I’m glad that Xiao Jie and Zi Qi could have a neutral work colleagues relationship right now. I know that it must be difficult for Xiao Jie but I’m glad it is there. This just further emphasises her professional character. Nothing can get in her way! But anyway, they have a really natural awkward relationship which really suits them considering what they have just been through. (:

I am so glad to see Xiao Jie and Jia Yi’s friendship again! I missed their sisterhood!

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