My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 17-20

I can’t help it, I like this picture!

I’m not sure what’s with the airing schedule but two eps were aired on both Saturday and Sunday which meant that a total of four eps aired this/last week. Each of these four eps were a part totalling to the entire four eps, if that makes any sense, ahahahahas! That’s okay because that meant that it was a double dose of Ruby LinJiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin! That is always going to be a plus!

I’m not sure if I like where these four eps are heading because it just seems to have slowed down and softened up from the previous eps. The previous eps was bang and really explosive because it was revealing and these four eps dropped from there. However, these four eps plays off from the bang and subsequently drops from there. Each of the characters present are essentially left to fend for themselves and to travel on their quest of love listening to their heart and this just downs everything because what we have witnessed all along is the characters continually supporting and leading each other on this quest. Now everyone is parting their ways and going on this alone. 


My Opinion:

While these four eps aren’t monumental when compared to the previous few eps (especially when Shao Tian and Pei Ni both made their love declaration), it was again very monumental to Ming Ming because she isn’t that weakling whom we met at the start but rather a person who is strong enough to stand by her opinions. Just when she thought she could lead the peaceful life that she longed for, she is hit in the face that the path that she is taking is not going to be an easy ride. She thought she could start anew with Eason but misunderstanding got in their way as well as her heart not sure of whether this is what she wants.

I am glad for Ming Ming’s gradual change to a strong-er woman and her ability to stand up for herself. I am slowly warming up to her character. The thing is that Ruby Lin portrays Ming Ming really well as a clueless and soft hearted girl that it is quite difficult to strip that from her even as she progresses into a strong character. I like that Ming Ming is able to think for herself now. In the past she would always prioritise for everyone but herself. When she reluctantly accepted Eason’s proposal, she knew that she was going against herself and when she rejected his proposal, she listened to herself. Also, when she talked back to her mentor, aka Mummy Tong, that really showed that she has grown up. In the past she would have never done such a thing or at the very most she would just walk back to her room but now she is brave enough to speak up! I also like that now she is able to speak out what her opinions than just bunch it up inside her.

Ruby is exceptional portraying her emotional scenes. With each and every scene you can see and feel that she is hurt and mad at herself. She isn’t blaming anyone for what has happened but herself. She Even as she tries to pretend that everything is fine you can see that it is not fine. You can see through her and the way that she feels. What I love about this is that she tries to stand strong in her weakest time. I really enjoyed watching the portrayal when Ming Ming lied to her mother that everything was fine because it wasn’t and she was trying to remain strong. She just prioritises other people first before herself and so even when she is falling weak she forces herself to stay strong.

Two thirds of the drama run is over and our third male lead is just making an appearance for barely one minute! Arghhhhh, I seriously have been going bonkers over his no-show! Just show up already and do what you are supposed to do as a third male lead! I was doubting the development that Yun Kai would have with Ming Ming but  since he appeared I have no doubt that he would strike a sizzling chemistry and development with Ming Ming. But, in ten eps it is going to be quite difficult to build depth and create dimension. But, I already love him and Ming Ming together. I really hope that they will have some sort of romantic line and now just a friendship line, then that would create an interesting love hexagon (Eason-Shao Tian-Ming Ming-Yun Kai-Pei Ni-He Li). Maybe Ming Ming should just choose him and then her life would be hassle free. I am super duper excited to see how he and Ming Ming would build a relationship. I am even more excited to actually see him and there is guarantee that he will make his full grand entrance in ep 21!

The more that I see Shao Tian the more that I love him. I love that he is persistent throughout all of this. He is not going to let go of Ming Ming so easily after all that he has done! He stood up against his mother for what he wants and he is going to try and get it! He has always been there for Ming Ming and he wants to continue being there for her. He is going to be a tough obstacle to step through if Eason wants Ming Ming!

I am really surprised with how Pei Ni handled herself. After what she has been through, she was able to lift herself up and re-confess her feelings towards Eason even though she clearly knows of his feelings as well as Ming Ming’s existence. She really has got some guts. This makes me question why she helped Eason and Ming Ming. Is it because she truly wants to help them or does she want to use this chance to get Eason even though she will never have his heart?

Oh Ru En! You are such a great reporter yet you can let people sidetrack you! I thought she was strong and willing to go out of her way to get her news. Yet when she fell for Qiong Zhi Mummy and Pei Ni’s cover, she proved to be weak. She was so close, so close to uncovering the news. All along we have seen her to be a very strong reporter and she would seriously stalk people to gather her news but when she fell for that trick, it was completely out of character. That aside, I love her character! I want to see more of her! And hopefully see her interact more with Shao Tian.

Yay! Bromance or bro rivalry is back! I love watching Eason and Shao Tian together, especially when they both have the common target of Ming Ming. I really love their interactions together! They are so adorable! This is one relationship that I ship to see! I loved it when the were both fighting to give the best food to Ming Ming. That was adorable! They are so cute together!

What I really enjoyed throughout these four eps is the parallels between the mothers. Mummy Wang and Qiong Zhi Mummy are both supportive of their child and fully supports them to chase their happiness. They would even secretly help them. On the contrary, Mummy Shen and Mummy Tong are both really strict about who their child can date. They both want to dictate their child’s life and pave a path for them to walk on. They are doing this because they want the very best for their child but this comes at the expense of their child’s happiness. All four mothers just want the best for their child but they are all using a different tactic of handling this.

What I love about this drama is that there are second options for out characters. Eason is going to get Ming Ming since that is a given. However, our other leads aren’t going to leave empty-handed. There is He Li and Ru En out there. What this drama does not do is randomly just match our second leads up with their other half at the end of the drama but slowly introduce their other half to them right now in the drama. This helps them to connect and so even when the ending comes they would have some connection.

Ever since the end of ep 16 and seeing Pei Ni, I have been annoyed with that one piece on her eyelash. Is it her fake eyelash falling off? Just seeing it, I feel like going to attach it back for her! Arghhhh! The make-up department isn’t doing too good of a job here…

I am so ready for the next ep because Yun Kai is finally making an appearance, something that I am very ecstatic about! Also it is coming to a closure so I am curious to see how it will head. (:

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Drama Go Go Go Episodes 17-20

  1. heisui January 30, 2013 at 5:30 pm Reply

    Lol I saw you updated for eps 21-24, and then I realized I hadn’t read this post yet. So I’m reading them in order 😀

    The third lead is SO HANDSOME, OMG. But I also don’t get why he pops up so late in the drama, it feels like he’s just tacked on. I wish he were in the earlier parts of the drama because that would’ve made it even more interesting and he would’ve had a more significant role.

    • misscupcakees January 30, 2013 at 6:13 pm Reply

      Ahahahas, yeahhh, he is! I am actually fine with his late appearance though I would have liked him to appear earlier. I actually fine that his appearance is the right time for Ming Ming, considering her complicated state.

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