Extended Trailer for You Light Up My Star

You Light Up My Star is premiering tomorrow night and there has been an overflow of promotion materials this past week. I highly anticipate this drama because has some big stars and is directed by one of the most respected directors in Taiwanese dramas, Director Winnie. Director Winnie’s last drama was the critically acclaimed In Time With You which I wholeheartedly loved right from the beginning. His dramas are always a treat to watch and I’m sure that this will be the same with YFAS.

An extended trailer and BTS intro was recently released and I am loving what I am seeing. YFAS is something I look forward to mainly because of the different genre that it is conveying. It’s a romance story at heart but shaped around it is much more than that; it is about the character’s step to reach the position they are in and I am sure there is going to be lots of heartfelt background stories that will unfold. YFAS is also not going to be short on kisses with a dozen or so kisses between the OTP in just this trailer alone! Plus, there’s lots chemistry that I see flying!

Check out the character teasers below and the trailer below below of which I have summed up the BTS intro part.

Joe Cheng’s Liu Cheng Wei:

Janine Chang’s Zhang Man Ling: 

Summer Meng’s Yang Yi Fang:

Qiu Hao Qi’s Wu Chun Sheng:

Extended Trailer and BTS Intro (Summary):

Director Winnie explains that due to the grand scale of this drama, regardless of whether it was the acotrs or backstage crew, everyone had to endure a lot of pressure. He claims that one of the happiest moment from the filming of the drama was after the filming at Ximending. The filming at Ximending was grand, with lots of staged performances high up in the sky.

Joe Cheng mentions that most feelings occurred in Hokkaido and the only feeling he felt there was coldness. One the first day to Hokkaido, he went for the handsome look, setting his hair and wearing handsome clothes but then he soon regretted it and everyday thereon, he went for the warm attire. Janine Chang tells of the filming where she was required to run up to the top of the mountain. Although the run was tired but reaching the top was very satisfying.

Poor Qiu Hao Qi got his feet frozen by the snow!

Director Winnie explains that drama is not all lovely-dovey. It is actually very strong, filled with tears, craziness, violent, heartbreaks and lots of pain.

Janine explains that her character Zhang Man Ling is a character is a person filled with lots of complex emotions, and was very gratifying for her to portray. Joe mentions that acting with Janine is very comfortable because this is not their first time working together. He will catch the things (emotions) that she throws out and vice versa.

Director Winnie compliments for his comfortable acting yet being able to bring out the emotions.

Joe deciphers that his character Liu Cheng Wei is quite depressed and even looks down on life. There wasn’t much emotions in when he filming but when the director called cut, he would have those goosebumpy feelings. One of the more difficult scenes for Joe was the Golden Bell Awards scene. There was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Janine says that she had a lot of freedom to build her character and there were several scenes where he allowed her emotions to guide her.

Qiu Hao Qi makes the comparison that YFAS is like a fairytale but not as dream-like as a fairytale. It is more like a realistic bloody dream.

Summer Meng says that there are some components of the drama which are quite heavy but there is also a component that is about chasing dreams. So the moral is for the audience to be more brave and chase after their dreams.

Janine says that despite the drama being set in the entertainment industry, it is about human-to-human interactions and human-to-human relationships. This drama will allow the audience to find a reflection of themselves and gain some strength. Joe is confident that minutes into the drama, the audience will really into their world.

In Winnie’s words, “YFAS is a drama that will allow you to think of a person who you can depend on when you are in difficulty or when you are upset. And that person is the strength that supports you. They might have previously been forgotten by you or hiding from you but regardless of how high you fly, please do not forget about that strength”.

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4 thoughts on “Extended Trailer for You Light Up My Star

  1. lifewithdramas May 31, 2014 at 8:03 pm Reply

    Soo excited for this! Btw, is it called You from Another Star, i always thought it was You Light Up My Star….

    • misscupcakees May 31, 2014 at 8:20 pm Reply

      Thanks for pointing that out, my head must be in a different mindspace!

  2. Soori May 31, 2014 at 10:36 pm Reply

    I watched the extended trailer and it makes me so excited. Looking forward for this one as well, not to mention that I loved the previous work from the director.

    • misscupcakees May 31, 2014 at 10:47 pm Reply

      Yupppp, me too! Director Winnie’s works are always a charm to touch. In Time With You was amazingggg and will forever remain as one of my all-time fave dramas.

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